Sunday, 2 March 2014

S6.212 - Plan ParaB

The Story So Far: The inhabitants of Fractal City have been teaching personified math about the nature of their existence. Very soon, a decision will be made as to whether the high school functions are reunited - or recycled.

"That's crazy!" Para protested aloud, making ArcCos jump. There was a pause. "But we might die!" the blonde continued in irritation. "I thought the whole point is we would NOT die by going to Statistics!" Another pause, and the parabola began to pace back and forth again, in front of the gradually coalescing wormhole. "No, B, you can't use a 'you only live once' argument. More than just OUR lives are on the line here."

"Look, that's kinda distracting," ArcCos pointed out. He and his twin were still playing around with the controls for the Dial Out Device.

"Sorry," Para apologized. "Difference of opinion here. Helps for me to vocalize." Her lips pursed. Then she rolled her eyes. "But... okay, fine. ArcCos! Theoretically speaking, could the force of this wormhole implosion be somehow channeled into ripping a hole back into our subject of mathematics?"

"What?!" ArcSin tried to stand up so fast he banged his head on the D.O.D. console. "Gyahhh!"

"Whoa. That's..." ArcCos paused to help his brother to his feet, their eyes briefly locking. Then he looked to Para. "Theoretically? Yes."

Para opened and closed her mouth like a fish. "Okay. Did not expect that answer."

"But probably not in the way you're thinking," ArcSin added.

The bunny girl raised an eyebrow. "Enlighten me."

The twins exchanged glances. ArcSin cleared his throat. "Consider that an implosion is an inward collapse. Normally, the exterior around an implosion is relatively unscathed. The problem here is that the interior is an interconnected network of highly charged Jump Gates. So if the wormhole remains in place, the shockwave will ripple through hyperspace, and our implosion will have external effects."

"Namely removing sizable regions around said Gates, leaving smoking craters," ArcCos noted. "And the only way to avoid this is to disconnect our wormhole from the system. But we can't power down. Hence CanTor's plan to remove the wormhole from the ring, allowing it to expand without bound until such a point as it dissipates."

"That said," ArcSin finished, "BEFORE we blow out the wormhole, if we could bleed off enough energy... harness it, and channel it into... say, a flux capacitor. It just might work."

"If only we had more time," ArcCos lamented.

Para tapped her fingers against her temples. "B, quiet down, the blue shirted guys are trying to explain something." She looked to ArcSin. "So it's possible, but you can't do it?"

"Well, it would effectively destroy the Gate... but then, that's happening anyway," ArcSin yielded. He crossed his arms. "As my brother said, it comes down to time. To manage this in less than half an hour, we'd need three things. The first is a way to approximate direction and distance FOR mathematics, once a tear is open. ANY chance of that? If not, there's no point to this at all."

"The Fractals might have something?" Para stared off into the sky, then frowned, then nodded slowly. "Okay, ParaB says they won't help, but thinks that using Signum and Maud, we could do it ourselves."

"Fair enough. The second thing is the pieces from Maud's replimator, not to mention as many technical minded Math-Tans as you can ferry over here."

"I can get right on that," Para affirmed.

"And third..." He pulled his swirled glasses out of his pocket, and looked to his brother.

A pained look ran over ArcCos' face. He looked back at Para. "Escaping to Statistics - it's not an option then?"

The blonde polynomial shrugged. "We just don't know. We can check with QT once she gets here, but I gather that by then, it may be too late for this other plan."

The inverse cosine function sighed. He then nodded, straightened his body and looked to his brother. "Do it. Bring back Dr. Nisano."


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