Sunday, 9 February 2014

S6.209 - Kiss and Yell

The Story So Far: The inhabitants of Fractal City have been teaching personified math about the nature of their existence. Very soon, a decision will be made as to whether the high school functions are reunited - or recycled.

"We might be able to get to Statistics," QT yielded, looking down at the pink cube she was holding in her hands. "But only if someone can figure out how this acts as a passcode."

"Another question!" Radik challenged. "Do you have an escape ship here, capable of handling all of us?"

Can-Tor shook her head. "Nope, our Hyper Jumpers are limited in terms of carrying capacity. We've been trying a workaround, but our Schwarz gets twisted. That said, doesn't Logan's gazebo have some fractal-like properties? Finite perimeter, infinite area sort of deal?"

Still bigger on the inside
"Of course," Logan realized, nodding his head slowly. "Except with my ship, an exact point of arrival is no guarantee. And we've seen the consequences of our creating a portal without knowing quite what we're doing."

Can-Tor fired off a wink. "It's fine, I can help you fly the thing through our Jump Gate network! Granted, it might hamper your ability to activate that Gazebo randomly afterwards... but one problem at a time."

"Help us fly? Can-Tor, are you coming along?" Cosecant asked.

Candice tugged down slightly on her top. "Naturally. You'll need a Gate expert on hand, and I've nominated myself."

"Similarly, your ParaB will be staying here," Hill announced.

"Wait, what?" chorused both ParaB and QT.

"Bert..." Weierstrass said, warningly.

Hill pointed at the conic bunny. "No beating around the bush! We talked about this! Regular communications will be affected, so this girl's psychic link is the only way for us to know for sure if they succeed."

"It's not even a fair trade - a Council member for a high school function," Henon chimed in dryly. "But we're willing to compromise." Pinski remained silent, but nodded his head in agreement.

"Yet my link could be affected too," ParaB protested. "Or, heck, I could simply lie to you!"

Hill's eyes narrowed. "Then there would be repercussions. Honestly, your little math friends can simply pick you up once we've reopened our wormhole. What's the problem?"

Weier sighed. "Yes, well, we were sort of hoping you might volunteer. In light of Can-Tor going. Unless you have some other suggestion...?"

ParaB glanced to QT, then back to those assembled. "Fine. I'll stay."

"And I'll stay too!" QT offered. "For, um, medical reasons."

"But QT, you chose that cube," Logan reminded, pointing to the object. "We may not be able to figure out how to GET to Statistics without you - surely CF had you accompany me into the store for a reason."

The catgirl sucked in her lower lip. "But... oh..."

"I'll be all right, QT," ParaB said softly. "But thanks for offering." The two girls looked at each other long enough for QT to begin blushing... at which point ParaB impulsively leaned in and planted a passionate kiss on the quartic's lips.

Mathematical Relations

"Ugh! See, I knew it," Radik said, a disgusted look on his face. "Lesbians."

"Mmm. Much as I hate to agree with one of you," Hill began. "This is HARDLY the time for--"

"SHUT it! ALL of you," QT shouted as soon as ParaB pulled back. The outburst surprised everyone - even QT herself. "Don't pretend," she continued, the words tumbling from her lips as she looked around the room, "don't the rest of you even TRY to pretend like you understand us! Not when even WE haven't figured our emotions out!" Her eyes rested on Julia, and she jabbed out a finger. "You! You better make sure ParaB is treated right and kept safe, you hear me?! Because our story doesn't end here." Julia Childset found she could only nod in mute agreement.

QT smoothed her dress and let out a long breath. "Right then! Can-Tor, you're with us. Let's go save your Gate network."


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