Sunday 19 January 2014

S6.206 - CF Sees

The Story So Far: The inhabitants of Fractal City have been teaching personified math about the nature of their existence. Very soon, a decision will be made as to whether the high school functions are reunited - or recycled.

"This is as far as I'll go," Julia remarked. She stopped in front of what looked like a small novelties shop. "Moreover, the Characteristic Function will only see two of you. Logan and QT."

"Me?" QT squeaked.

"Her?" Radik, Cosecant and ParaB chorused, all with different inflections.

"For crying out loud, why even bring us along then?!" Radik shouted.

"You seemed upset the last time a decision excluded you, regarding the Overline bar," Julia remarked. "So it seemed best to have you all here, at the least."

Logan examined Julia's expression, and noticed that she seemed a bit uncomfortable about the situation herself. "It's fine," he assured the others after a moment. "We'll be in and out in no time. Come on, QT."

The catgirl followed Logan a bit hesitantly as the redhead walked through the door of the shop. The interior turned out to be mostly bookshelves, loaded with reading material in addition to other interesting trinkets. Granted, there was also a small alcove near the door containing a table, some display cases around, and what seemed like stairs leading up to a secondary storage level. QT saw a main desk, but the place was empty save for the two of them. Which is when a voice spoke from above.

"What you take will decide your path."

QT jerked her gaze back up to the second level, but saw nothing. Speakers in the walls? Was the Characteristic Function invisible? Logan was similarly confused, thus addressed his next comment towards the ceiling.

"Arr, err, we brought this gift," the Logarithm offered. He extended his hand, which contained eight coins. "Though there was a bit of a technical glitch. When I asked for four pieces of eight, I got..."

"What you take will decide your path."

Perhaps they'll take a magic box.

Logan looked at QT, who merely shrugged. "Well, we're hoping our path leads us to Statistics," Logan remarked.

"What you take will decide your path," the voice repeated for a third time.

"Then to get to Statistics, what do you want us to take?" Logan asked of the ceiling.

An unsettling silence, then, "What did you say?"

"I said what do you wa--" Logan was cut off as QT slapped her hand overtop of his mouth.

"Never ask that question!" she gasped, echoes of a similar dialogue ringing in her ears.


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