Sunday, 29 December 2013

S6.203 - Piece Offering

The Story So Far: The inhabitants of Fractal City have been teaching personified math about the nature of their existence. Very soon, a decision will be made as to whether the high school functions are reunited - or recycled.

The meeting with the Characteristic Function had finally been set. That afternoon, Logan gathered everyone together back on the bridge of his gazebo. That is, with the exception of Flora, who was going over Council reports. "All right," Logan declared. "Anything new to report?"

"Of course not," Radik snapped. "For weeks, the fractals have been avoiding us. Aside from Julia, Mandelbrot, and now Weierstrass bringing us updates."

"Is it deliberate avoidance though?" Cosecant mused. "Or are they simply busy with their own lives? I have been able to spot a few more of them around, compared to when we first arrived."

Signum tilted her head. "Perceiving them may simply be due to our increasing awareness of Hasselhoff dimensions."

"Hausdorff dimensions," ParaB corrected out of the corner of her mouth.

"Can you give us any insight into the Council, now that Flora's apparently a member?" QT asked of Signum.

"Flora's not talking," Hevvi said before Signum could answer. "We can tell you that there are ships called 'Hyper Jumpers', which are used to move through the hyperspace between Jump Gates. In fact, we are planning to use one to get home. So when you head off to statistics - that's it. We're parting ways."

The high school functions exchanged glances, then Logan nodded. "Understood." He looked to ParaB. "Any news from the rest in Purgatory?"

ParaB shook her head. "They activated the Jump Gate that Para found. Nothing happened. ArcSin - who is managing without his Nisano glasses, by the way - thinks it's still in the process of powering up. He also plays a pretty good double bass."

"This is getting us nowhere," Radik pointed out. "We should be talking about how we're going to confront this CF person."

"Uh? What confront?" QT said, looking startled. "We're simply going to ask Characteristic Function for the password to the Statistics Jump Gate."

"And you think he or she is going to just hand it over?" Radik challenged.

"He's got a point," Cosecant remarked. "The outcome with CF is far from certain, according to the Fractals. I've been considering bringing CF a peace offering. We could have the replimator on board create something."

"Hah. What can you offer up to a more powerful being?" Hevvi asked, crossing her arms.

"Ar, perhaps we could make pieces of infinity!" Logan proposed, rubbing his hands together. He returned everyone's looks of confusion with a shrug. "What? They're like pieces of eight, but rotated ninety degrees."

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