Sunday, 22 December 2013

S6.202 - Psy Kicks

The Story So Far: The inhabitants of Fractal City have been teaching personified math about the nature of their existence. Very soon, a decision will be made as to whether the high school functions are reunited - or recycled.

'That was it?' Para mused, lying in bed with two fingers pressed to her temples.

'Pretty much,' ParaB responded. Two fingers tapped at her own head as she looked out over the Fractal landscape, from the balcony of her room at the Hilbert Hotel. 'Weier showed us back to our hotel, after which I spent some time with QT going over her Quadcorder scans.'

'You're giving off a vibe which tells me there's more,' Para accused her conic counterpart. 'If it's bleeding through our psychic link despite me trying not to pry, it's probably important.'

ParaB felt her cheeks burning. Of course, she and QT had done more than look at scans. But she didn't think that's what Para was picking up. 'It's... uh. Okay. When that guy Koch said 'If you go to Statistics, you won't die', I think he was talking to me. And only to me.'

A pause. 'Seriously?'

'Yeah. But he's right, I don't understand why.'

'Are you feeling depressed? That is, ah, are you doing something that might cause personal harm if you stayed?'

'No! Moreover, why would being in Statistics save me??' The orange haired bunny girl shook her head and let out a sigh of frustration. 'I should have followed up on it, but I was caught off guard. Never mind. I'll see if I can track down Koch again. In the meantime, what's new on your end?'

Para rolled over onto her front. 'Well, the orchestra idea seems to be working out, even if the Versine search isn't. Elly's picked up echoes of us being in mathematics, which is weirding her out. Oh, and Reci found an invisible path leading off the cliffs. I checked it out. It leads to an isle in the middle of nowhere, where there's a huge ring, housing four sets of metal chevrons or something. Bizarre.'

ParaB caught herself on the railing of the balcony. 'Seriously?'

'Yeah, wh-- ooh, I got that thought. You think it's one of those Jump Gates?'

'It's as Signum described. What else could it be??'

'Point - would explain the dialing device we found.' Para mused on that for a moment. 'Seemed totally inert though. I'll get ArcSin and ArcCos to have a look at it.'

'Oh. Hyper's still busy on her magic kick?'

'Yuh huh. No word from her "spiritual guide".'

'Joy.' ParaB pinched the bridge of her nose. 'I suppose if its a ring, it's more up the alley of the ArcTrig anyway. See what they can do. After all, if we can get ourselves onto this Gate Network, it may give us a voice on Council. Right now, all their votes are too damn close.'

Para nodded. 'Though in fairness, we are sort of a rogue faction.'

'So what?' ParaB challenged. 'The pro-rogue idea is all the rage with governments of late!' Her outburst was met with silence. After close to a minute, one of her bunny ears twitched. 'Too obscure on that riff?'

'I think so,' Para agreed.


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