Wednesday, 20 November 2013

S6.193 - Can Torrent Information

The Story So Far: The personified math-tans have been cast out of mathematics. Seeking probability in order to return, Logan and his crew made it to Fractal City - but not without cost. As his group try to understand the fractal inhabitants, the other mathematical relations struggle to come to terms with the repercussions of losing a primary function.

"Diplomacy, Howie," Weierstrass sighed. She looked at the others in the room. "It's not your fault. You're products of the system. But this is part of the reason why we're now devoting our efforts into bringing you on board."

"Can you actually construct and install new Jump Gates then?" Radik asked, eyebrows shooting up.

"It is possible," Dr. Weier affirmed. "It is also worth noting that there are other ways to access us through hyperspace. Such as your Cone of Science, from what I understand. Or timer devices that create wormhole bridges across the dimensions."

"Oh! The Conway box function had one of those," Cosecant recalled.

Logan rubbed his chin. "I wonder if I also have something similar to this in the Heart of my Gazebo."

"Strong thoughts can breach the barriers too," the Weierstrass function added. "Like ParaB's psychic link. In fact, stray thoughts is where a lot of our external communications originate. To the point where we constructed the X-Mansion overtop of the Jump Gate, to better serve the requests of students who want to pursue fractal education." She shook her head. "Too often, people like that are dismissed without cause, treated like weird math mutants or something."

"After all, no one likes math, right?" Howie remarked sarcastically. He shook his head. "Sometimes I think Bert Hill is right. We are the future, not them! They no longer matter."


"Is one of those beacon Gates in our current Purgatory?" QT interrupted. All eyes went to her, and she intertwined her fingers. "Just, that's where everyone else is now. We'd be able to bring them here to join us."

Weierstrass and Howie exchanged a look of surprise. "It could be one of the two unknown Gates," Weier admitted. "But like probability, there's locks on them. Ones we haven't cracked."

"You're brilliant, QT!" ParaB said, clasping the blonde's hands. The eyes of both girls linked, and both sets of their cheeks began to darken. With effort, ParaB kept her gaze impassive as she turned her attention to Weier. "If there is one, and our counterparts find it, could they remove the password? Or otherwise activate it from their end?"

"I don't see why not," Weier remarked, a hint of amusement in her voice. "One thing at a time though - you may wish to simply depart in your gazebo before this day is over." She turned to Howie. "Tell Candice Torrent she can come in now."

Howie Mandelbrot nodded, raising his communicator to speak into it. Weierstrass shifted her gaze back to the other functions. "Candice Torrent, or Can-Tor as we call her, will probably look a bit different from anyone else you've seen."

Just then, the door opened, and a girl with dark, curiously segmented hair walked into the room. She was wearing a skirt that sported a similar pattern, along with a tank top. But the most surprising aspect of her appearance was that her skin seemed to have a naturally dark tone. She waved, then put her hands on her hips, before jutting one out to the side. "I know what you're thinking, but this is not a tan," she said, smiling quietly.

Radik's eye twitched. "Mind blown," he declared.



  1. "Not a tan"? Does this mean she's not a math-tan, either? Or am I reading far too much into the line?

    And I did check the link for the Cantor set and I can see the graph in her hair and clothes. The link also mentioned the Koch snowflake? Will that appear in an environment suit, too? :)

    1. Interesting you should pick up on that. The original script said "suntan" right up until I put it in the post. Decided "tan" was more nicely ambiguous, so there may be some truth to your comment.
      Also, yay for a useful link! As for Koch, we've seen him:

    2. After I posted the comment, I remembered the environment suit with the snowflake design and put the pieces together. ^_^;;

      So, is Can-Tor a tan or not? Or is this something that we'll see over the arc?

    3. Actually, that's excellent. Means the writing might be subtle enough for more stuff to register on rereads. As to the 'tan' nature, let's call it an ambiguous idea at this point. Some aspects of personification will be explained by the fractals - not sure if they'll fit a definition.