Wednesday, 30 October 2013

S6.187 - Chide of Chaotica!

The Story So Far: The personified math-tans have been cast out of mathematics. Seeking probability in order to return, Logan and his crew made it to Fractal City - but not without cost. As his group try to understand the fractal inhabitants, the other mathematical relations struggle to come to terms with the repercussions of losing a primary function.

Logan glanced at his watch. "We can't wait forever on QT," he decided. "Let's start comparing notes."

The logarithm function currently stood in front of the viewscreen on the bridge of his ship. He moved his gaze quickly over the others who were standing around him, to gauge their agreement: ParaB (the conic bunny), Cosecant (from trigonometry), Radik (cube root), Hevvi (heaviside), Signum (sign) and Flora (floor).

"I don't trust the fractals," Radik offered.

"Pfft. You don't trust anyone," Hevvi said pointedly.

Radik shot a glare back at her. "I'm serious! We asked for explanations, they keep telling us to wait. It's already been how many days since Logan and Csc went to that bar?!"

"They've said we're not ready," Cosecant cut in, before the tensions between Radik and the step functions could further escalate. "I'm inclined to agree. I couldn't make any sense of this 'Norm' person who represents Statistics! It was like looking at a... a Stereogram, yet the image refused to come to me."

"The whole fractal landscape here has that kind of effect on us," ParaB reminded. "Good news is me and QT have finally managed to adjust our quadcorder to compensate. I think the problem is rooted in Hausdorff dimensions."

Signum tilted her head sideways, one of her twintails nearly hitting herself in the shoulder. "In the who with the what now?"

"Essentially fractional dimensions," ParaB clarified. "Consider, while we live in a two dimensional world, and can conceive of a third, our visualizing beyond those - or between those! - is another thing entirely. Every individual will interpret such chaos slightly differently."

Logan nodded. "Makes sense. Something similar happens when you look outside my ship while it's flying, as it can move through the third, maybe even fourth dimension."

"Whoa, seriously? Four dimensions now?!" Radik said, throwing his arms up. "When will the chaos stop?"

Signum, Heaviside and Flora. No evil here?

"With invaders from the fifth dimension!" Signum declared. "Such that only Captain Proton can save us!" Her exclamation was met with silence, as everyone turned to stare. The partially pink haired girl finally shrugged sheepishly. "What? It was on a TV show once."


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