Sunday, 15 September 2013

Pre S6: Serial Recap

Still on a hiatus, as prep work for SERIES 6: STAT US continues. What a great time to get caught up!
According to this, you've got Tim! ... Time, you've got time!

If you missed the rewrites reflection post last Wednesday (on my other blog), follow that link. At the bottom of this post, you can find links to new song parodies, which will be going live on regular update days.

Here for recaps? We've got 'em! There's written blurbs below, as well as links to both a brief (under 3 min) partial recap video, along with the full post index for each series.

SERIES 1: INTRODUCTIONS  (Index Page)  (Video Recap)
  In which Maud opens a bar in town and meets Lyn the Line, Para the Quadratic, and Root - Para's boyfriend?

SERIES 2: PARA GONE  (Index Page)  (Video Recap)
  In which Para gets kidnapped by the Conics, who think she should be a member of their family. The Polynomials team up with some of their friends to mount a rescue.

SERIES 3: TRY ANGLES  (Index Page)  (Video Recap)
  In which Tangent leaves Trigonometry, causing Lyn and Circe to join forces and enter the Angle Zone. They uncover a deadly plot, as masterminded by Versine, a Trigonometric Function who isn't seeing much use lately.

SERIES 4: AFTER MATH  (Index Page)  (Video Recap)
  In which a mysterious force kicks the math-tans out of their subject area. Thus some personifications explore math within other subjects, as Logan's new crew use his "bigger on the inside" base to seek answers from Maud's sister.

SERIES 5: SIGN CHANGE  (Index Page)  (Video Recap)
  In which Logan's gazebo, which now includes the Step Functions, manages to locate Fractal City. Meanwhile, Para becomes terminally depressed, and before the plot threads resolve, a mathematical function dies.
If you're unaware of Minkowski's Question Mark function,
and Conway's Box function, you didn't read Series 5.

Note the video recap for Series 5 is NEW. In addition, if you missed the Art Aside posts, featuring commissioned art of the characters, I recommend checking them out:
 Art Aside: Para
 Art Aside: Lyn + Root
 Art Aside: Trig

A set of Author Explains posts, which I referenced at the end of the interview last week, will follow in two weeks time. There, I'll make some of the prior math/scifi references clear, along with telling you Why You Should Be Reading. There's also plans for a guest post.

This means Series 6 will begin after Canadian Thanksgiving. At that time, the characters will deal with The Fractals, plus fallout from the events of Series 5.

Before all that, as promised, here's some song parodies! The new links will go live on Wednesdays and Sundays over the coming weeks. Enjoy!

1 - Makin' A Graph (tune of Stayin' Alive)
2 - Matching Fraction (tune of Satisfaction)
3 - When Can We Cancel (tune of With or Without You)
4 - Don't Stop With Riemann (tune of Don't Stop Believin')

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