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S5.180 - Drawing Perspective

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"Are you okay?" Root asked. He had come to Para's apartment immediately after hearing the news about Sine. And moreover, after hearing that she'd been the one who'd had to tell the others.

"No," Para answered, honestly. She moved aside to let him in, idly tugging on one of her drooping bunny ears. "Yet perversely... I think I will be."

"That's good, at least," Root concluded with a smile, as she closed the door behind him.

Para shook her head. "It is, and it isn't." She leaned back against the door. "On the one hand, Sine's death has given me additional perspective on how my own disappearance might have affected the rest of you. I miss her, even though I barely knew her, and I think such feelings would have been reciprocated." She lapsed into silence.

"On the other hand?" Root prompted.

"On the other hand, there had to be better ways to realize those things, and I... I sort of feel as if I should have died instead of Sine."

"Oh, Para, NO!"

The bunny girl quickly waved Root off. "Don't worry, I'm not about to do anything drastic. Still, I wonder if there's some sort of balance that had to be maintained. After I survived my fall off that cliff."

"You fell off a CLIFF?!"

Para nodded.  "Yes... wait, it wasn't you talking to me just before I did?"  Root shook his head, his long strand of hair twitching in the air.  Para frowned.  "Then who...? I thought it was a guy. Maybe... urk!"

Actions, louder than words.
Root had swept her up into a hug. "Oh Para, my dearest Para, next time PLEASE tell me before you take up any dangerous hobbies like cliff scaling! Okay??"

Para felt her cheeks get rosy as she returned the hug.  "Um. Yes, of course." She patted Root on the back. "Honestly, I think we should be more worried about Cosine at the moment. Not only because of her emotional attachment to her twin, but think about people trying to understand trigonometry. Where those questions are now going to be routed."

Root pulled back slightly to look Para in the eye. "Oh, wow. You're right, due to the similarity, Sine's former inquiries will all go to Cosine!"

Para nodded. "I can't even imagine. Worse, the change may become permanent, unless we can find another Sine function to take over as a replacement." She shook her head. "Yet finding such a function requires getting back into our mathematical area!"

"Bringing us back to the mission of Logan and the alpha group," the radical function finished. He shook his head. "What a mess."

The bunny function pursed her lips slightly. "And there's one more thing. Something about us, as personifications. Something I become aware of when I thought I was going to die, something... something..." She let out a frustrated sigh. "Which has retreated back out of my reach. Makes me wonder if Sine realized it too, in the end."

"I guess we'll never know." Root canted his head to the side. "Was it something about the human world, maybe?"

"Maybe," Para said dubiously. "I feel more narratively connected to their existence now, at any rate." At that, the quadratic paused.

Para then took a moment to shift her focus past her boyfriend, beyond her apartment, and indeed outside of the very constraints of her universe. To fire off a quick wink at you. "Which reminds me, thank you for reading..."

It's appreciated.


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