Wednesday, 21 August 2013

S5.178 - Dead Wait

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Para decided not to push her luck with her newfound powers of flight. Having managed to achieve a height of about 20 metres over ground level, she began to angle her way back down. She simultaneously adjusted her trajectory towards the large plume of visible smoke, which she identified as rising from Hyper's laboratory. Which had doubtlessly been the cause of the ground shaking.

The parabola coasted to the ground, running at first to slow her momentum, as her bunny ears readjusted their stretch factor to point back up into the air. She then brushed off her hands and rounded the corner of the building to see Hyper, Elly, ArcSin, ArcTan, Cosine, Secant, Maud, Cubi and Expona. Which made her wonder just who had been behind her on the cliff earlier.

"Um, is everyone alright?" she ventured.

Not a good (co)sine

All eyes snapped towards her. "No!" Cosine cried. She ran towards the bunny girl, but tripped, falling on the ground, tears running down her face. "Para! Talk to ParaB!! Please, what became of my sister?!"

"I... give me a moment," Para said, feeling flustered.

"Make no mistake," Secant said, turning back towards Hyper. "If Sine has been harmed in ANY way, I'll see to it that you never invent anything EVER again. EITHER of you," she continued, snapping her gaze over towards Nisano, who was trying to edge away.

"Euh. Look, if Sine couldn't rematerialize, she'd have ended up in the Cone's buffer," Nisano countered. "If not, it's completely Hyper's fault!"

"MY fault?!" Hyper shot back. "I... why, if... of all the..." And the tall green haired conic crumpled to the ground cradling her head in the hands. "Oh God, what if I killed her?"

"Para, PLEASE," Cosine repeated. Having stumbled back to her feet, she lurched forwards to grab the bunny girl by the dress. But ran directly into Cubi, as the tall polynomial stepped between them.

"Hey, hold up," the cubic inflected. "Hey, give Para a moment." She turned her head then, ponytail bobbing. "Hey, I see your ears are pointing up... and I don't know if it's because you've been working through your issues, or if it's something else. Hey, I'll even make a promise that we can chat about it later." She bowed her head. "Hey, thing is, right now, anything you can tell us about Sine making a trip through the Cone of Science - that would be appreciated."

Para nodded mutely, even as ArcTan and Elly moved to stand with Cubi. This seemingly gave Expona second thoughts about stalking towards the bunny girl herself. Smiling faintly at the gesture, the quadratic took a few deep breaths, centering herself before reaching out with her psychic connection. When she first managed to pick up her conic alter ego, all she got was 'Not now'.

A minute later, as more information came in, Para found herself going numb, wondering how on earth she could convey those details to the others.


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