Sunday, 18 August 2013

S5.177 - Sine Off

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As she emerged onto the deck, Sine could immediately calculate that the ship's flight was causing a tilt at an angle of 10 degrees and 40 minutes of arc. Which she then converted to 10.67 degrees in the decimal system, feeling briefly archaic. The decahedron was also rotating slowly as it flew. "No problem," Sine murmured. She avoided looking at the fractal scenery as it flashed by; it was a little difficult to comprehend.

The brunette leapt out. One shoe briefly touched the floor, pushing off, sending her into one of the gazebo's tall supports. Her arms and legs latched around it, and she shimmied up, to the point where she could see the blue light on the top of the structure. Just below it was Cosecant's phaser ring, which she would now have to turn counterclockwise, in typical trig fashion, to put it into a fully open position. "Big problem," she realized.

There were no handholds, and the wind was enough to blow her off the top of the gazebo if she ventured out. "Should have brought an... oh, of course." Still holding on with one hand, she reached down to her belt with the other, tapping on it in a sequence not unlike Morse Code. The buckle rippled like water. Sine grabbed for the top of the period cane and pulled it from it's extra dimensional storage space. The spherical crystal at the head flashed 360. "Yes, yes," Sine muttered. She didn't currently need it as a measuring tool or fashion statement; more as a battering ram.

Turning point?

The primary trig function stretched herself out onto the roof, well aware that she now had only about ten seconds left. Holding the cane with one hand, she knocked it against the phaser ring, causing it to turn slightly. She repeated the motion with identical results. Not good - one handed, this was going to take too long. Which was when she heard the whining noise, and saw the blue glow around the bulb getting brighter. Out of time.

"Heck with it," the primary trig function breathed. "We're due for a Sine change."

She ran another quick set of calculations in her head, and let go of the side of the roof. By two handing the cane and using momentum to help, Sine swiftly walloped the phaser ring the rest of the way around. The phasers fired then, a constant beam of blue light spilling forwards, helping the ship to get clear of the area.

Even as Sine spun off the roof and into the fractal void behind it.
Sine Off

At that moment, almost an entire dimension away, Cosine reached up to feel a wetness running over her cheeks. She became very scared then, as she didn't know why she was crying.


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