Wednesday, 14 August 2013

S5.176 - A Way Mission

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"You are not going to make it," Julia Childset pointed out from the main viewer.  "And we can't shut the process down. Can you portal back out?"

The engineering console gave off a shower of sparks, forcing Radik to jump back. "Nope," he said apologetically. "Worse, my Super Pursuit is a no go. Damn it! I'll go see if I can do something manually, but..." He ran to the ladder at the back of the bridge and slid down to the lower levels.

"How much time do we need to buy?" ParaB asked, trying to make sense of the sensor readings.

Julia glanced over at something out of their field of vision. "0.2 seconds."

"Okay, surely there's SOME way to give us THAT!" Hevvi barked. "Emergency thrusters?!"

"We're already over the max," Logan retorted, still manipulating the navigation controls, Signum next to him, offering minor corrections.


Hevvi jerked her gaze over to the security officer. "What??"

"If I fire the phasers at the perimeter of this Hilbert Curve," Cosecant explained, "the temporary phase shift should give us the time we need to blast free."

Trig know their phaser shifts

ParaB turned her head away from the science station. "She's right," the conic affirmed. "Though we've never actually TESTED the phasers."

"Yar... new rule! From this point on, we test any and all modifications you make to my base BEFORE they're needed," Logan declared, looking irritated.

"Also the phaser strength will need to be locked into maximum output," Csc admitted. "That can only be done manually - on the top of the gazebo."

"Forty two seconds," Julia announced. "Hurry."

"I'm on it," Sine declared, moving to the ladder at the back of the bridge.

"Sine!" QT protested. "Sit back down, I'm not done my medical assessment!"

"I feel fine. I'm also the only one who knows the phasing system as well as my reciprocal does," she countered. "Besides, you're in all trouble now on account of stopping to save me. Time to pull my own weight around here again!"

Also a ceiling function
Cosecant hesitated for a fraction of a second, her eye twitching. "Okay, be careful. ParaB, coordinate with me on establishing a firing lock."

Sine reached out to take hold of the side of the ladder... and suddenly found herself rocketed up, right to the ceiling exit hatchway. She glanced down in confusion to see Flora, who had one hand elevated high above her head. The step function smiled and wiggled her fingers in a wave. The red-shirted trig gave a quick smile back in response before opening the hatch of the moving ship.


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