Wednesday, 7 August 2013

S5.174 - Business is Booming

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"That should not have happened!" Nisano said, shaking his fist in the air. "We designed safety measures!" He frowned. "Unless..."

"Come along, I don't think this building is structurally sound," Nat said, grabbing his fellow inverse function, then dragging him through the smoke and out the front door.

About a minute previously, things had seemed fine. They had just transitioned Sine, and Elly had stepped up to be the next to go, given how an additional conic presence might be needed. Which is when Hyper hesitated. "My magical vibe is off."

"The board shows green," Nisano said. "Just wave your hands and stamp your feet like the last two times."

The green haired woman shook her head. "Elly, get out of the circle. I want to do an empty run." She ignored ArcSin's grumbling about it being a waste of power. Which was just as well, for as the circles of light started spinning in Hyper's eyes, and she activated the system... the first ring exploded as soon as it attempted to contract.

"Cone in motion on the other end!" Nisano barked. "Stop what you're doing!!"

Stop! In the name of lov... no, just stop!
"I... I don't know how!" Hyper said, a tinge of sheer terror in her voice as everyone dove for cover from the shrapnel. "It's not like some cute fuzzy animal has told me how to use these powers!"

The second ring also exploded as it rose, and Expona tackled the mad magical girl before she could be decapitated by the large chunk of material flying right at her. This seemed to sever her connection, but it meant that the final rings exploded while still in the mechanism, the force of the blast causing the entire ground to shake as smoke billowed out. Then the roof creaked and more material fell from above.

"Ooh. We should go. Now," Elly suggested. Rather redundantly, as everyone was already stampeding towards the exit. With the exception of Hyper and ArcSin, who had to be dragged out by Elly and ArcTan respectively.

"I... I just magicked my invention out of existence," Hyper said numbly.

"No," Nisano countered, adjusting his glasses. "We're idiots. Sine said they were in some far away fractal dimension. We didn't account for a temporal dilation. The transition obviously isn't instantaneous."

Hyper turned to stare at the trig function. Then palmed her forehead. "Right. Damn it!" She turned to look back at the broken building. "Well... we can rebuild it! Better than before! We have the technology!!"

"But before that," Maud put in. "We should try to regain contact with the gazebo. Does anyone know where Para is? She's all we've got now."

Eyes turned towards Elly and Nat. They could only shrug helplessly.


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