Sunday, 21 July 2013

S5.169 - Weight What

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"This is where the rest of you are getting off!" Hevvi declared. "Your gazebo is now under Step Function Control!" She strode forwards confidently, as all of the other mathematical relations on Logan's bridge remained pinned to the floor by Flora's gravitational abilities.

It wouldn't be that way for long. Cosecant merely waited until Hevvi was an arm's length away. "Computer!" the trig function gasped out from the floor. "Protocol C-S-C, zero degrees!"

The security board at the back of the bridge lit up, there was a slight crackling in the air - and then Csc pushed off from the floor, launching herself at the Heaviside function. Hevvi was completely caught off guard. Even more so when the collision between her and Csc pushed both girls up into the air, rocketing them into the wall at the back of the bridge.

"Oh, uh, hm," Logan remarked, grabbing for his Captain's chair as he tried to stand and found his legs moving up off the ground. Next to him, QT grabbed at her skirt hem, cheeks growing red as she also became airborne.

'Csc made gravity undefined on the bridge!' Radik realized. 'Brilliant!' He pushed off too, making his trajectory one that would intersect with Flora, who was now looking down at her palm in confusion while wiggling her fingers. As he arrived, he linked their arms and swung around to pull the striped Step function off balance, and off the ground.

"Oh, it wasn't supposed to be like this! I surrender!" Signum said, raising her hands as Sine advanced - or at least floated - towards her.

"And while you might still charm us," Csc pointed out to Hevvi, the two of them now working to catch their breath as they drifted away from the wall. "ParaB's got the Cone of Science working. So if you do, she'll summon the other conics here, and they'll mess you up!"

"Prove it!" Hevvi shot back.

"Fine!" ParaB said, having lightly glided over to a panel during the chaos. She slapped her hand against it. And nothing happened.

"I think you want to let me go now," Hevvi said soothingly, and Cosecant found herself obeying.

"Zut alors," the conic bunny said, mashing the button again. "You're only making things worse for yourselves... Sine, see if there's anything caught in the mechanism?!"

The primary trig function obligingly glided over to the rings on the floor. So when they activated and ascended off the ground, she was caught up inside of them.


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