Wednesday, 17 July 2013

S5.168 - Hyper Tension

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"Hey, don't go in there," Cubi said, raising a hand. Nat and Elly turned to look at her, as well as the other functions who were currently standing outside the laboratory building.

"What's the problem?" Nat asked.

"ParaB sent a signal, so Nisano tried to test the Cone of Science," Expona answered, leaning back against the wall. "Didn't work. He doesn't understand why, and Hyper's blaming him for charging ahead without her authorization."

"Not to mention Hyper started throwing things," Cosine put in. "Safer out here."

Nat looked back at the door uneasily.  "But we need to get a message out to Logan's gazebo.  For Para's sake, I'm not sure it can wait."

"It's going to have to," Elly murmured, her eyes going wide. "Something magical is about to happen!"  With no further words, she reached out and yanked the door open, running inside. The others crowded uneasily around the doorway, peering after her.

The lab was a wreck. Tables had been overturned, there were pools of liquid on the floor, electronics were smoking, and yet at the middle of it all, still looking relatively intact, was the circle for the Cone of Science. It was flanked by Hyper and ArcSin, aka Dr. Nisano. He handed over a pad to the green haired scientist.

"You see? Doublechecked! The math works! This is SCIENCE!" Nisano declared, shaking his fist in the air.

"But you MISSED something," Hyper said, managing to look both angry and crestfallen at the same time. "Because it DOESN'T work."

"Then you missed it too," ArcSin declared stubbornly, crossing his arms. "For that matter, maybe matter transference simply isn't possible. I suspect I was a fool to pursue you in this endeavour at all."

"No, it... it HAS to work! I've sunk more effort into this than anything else my whole career!" Hyper objected. She threw the pad aside to look at the set of rings embedded in the floor. "More than that, Logan's crew is counting on this! Everyone's counting on this! If it doesn't work..."

"You fail," Nisano concluded easily. "Again."

Hyper's own hands closed into fists, and the hyperbola started to shake slightly. Nat took a step forwards in concern, only to have Elly lift up a hand, palm out, to stop him. She shook her head very slightly, still watching the green haired woman with a keen eye.

"No," Hyper said softly. "My Cone has to work. It HAS to, science be damned!" Her lab coat began to billow out, despite the lack of any wind. She whipped her gaze from Nisano over to her invention. "I'll make it work. I'll make it work by sheer force of WILL if I have to!"

"Hah! That's ridiculous," the blue shirted trig function scoffed. "Can't you accept the scientific reality?"

"No. No, because this isn't reality... this is fantasy!" Hyper's gaze abruptly became one of frantic intensity as the invisible wind beneath her grew in intensity. "You will work." A glow appeared in her eyes, the light spinning around in a circle. "You WILL work." She jerked her arm up, palm opening out towards the set of rings. "You're my invention, and you... will... WORK!!!" Hyper shrieked. And she stamped the floor hard enough to leave a dent.

The set of rings in the floor abruptly energized, rising up into the air with a humming sound. As they ascended, the higher ones increasingly shrunk down in radius, leaving a towering, segmented cone. Within the cone, light spilled out from nowhere.

And then the process reversed, the rings expanding and retracting back into the floor. Leaving a very surprised Sine function sitting in the lab.


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