Sunday 14 July 2013

S5.167b - Art Aside: Trig

  The series is now in it's third year - admittedly with a hiccup of over two months in there. I'm also away from the computer for a bit to start July, so Sunday updates will be a bit different. I'll be taking the opportunity to showcase some character artwork that I commissioned.


Commissioned at Anime North in May 2013.  Commissioning Trigonometry made me nervous, because of the hairstyles.  I think I told this artist, "I like your style, do what you like with the twins, but you see the way the hair is here? I really need that preserved, uh, do you remember graphing trig in high school...?"

The result, as you see, is Sine and Cosine depicted as (I'd say) several years younger than they are in current storyline, which manages to be both awesome and amusing simultaneously.  Can't help but grin.
Commissioned at Anime North in May 2013.  OMG, yes.  Just yes.  Chibi Tangent is not amused.  Additionally great, since I have yet to master the art of making a larger head without having it seem totally disproportionate.  Incidentally, the baseline to work from here was the title card for Taylor's Polynomials: Series 3.

All in all, very happy with the artwork!  If you ever feel like drawing my characters (and I'm okay with the result), I'm fine with doing a shout-out of some sort.  For now, back to the storyline.

TRIVIA NOTE: When I first drew Slope, her hair was inconsistent. I fixed it right before her first appearance in S1.06 on July 20, 2011.

There's a lot in the character designs that has not yet come up; Period Canes come to mind. That said, the decision to graft "Star Trek" onto "Wizard of Oz" occurred while in the process of writing Series 3 (Try Angles). The fact that our school had just put on a production of 'Oz' might have been a factor.


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