Wednesday, 3 July 2013

S5.166 - Zero Observations

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"She's late," Elly remarked, staring at the light through one of her crystals. "Maybe she's not coming." She palmed the crystal. "You're welcome to leave."

"Maud wanted my input after this counseling session too," Nat said gruffly. The inverse tangent function crossed his arms defiantly. "You're not getting rid of me that easily."

"As you wish," the ellipse said airily. "Though I'll have you know, I did just fine counseling Hyper all by myself yesterday!"

Nat blinked.  "Oh, then has she finally come to terms with Nis doing the mad science bit too?"

"No.  But she's not planning to 'accidentally' blow him up anymore," Elly said, smiling brightly.

Nat stared.  "Right. I'll stay."

The door opened a few minutes later, and Para peered her head around the frame. "Is this really necessary?" she asked.

"What do YOU think?" Elly responded, making ellipses between her thumbs and index fingers.

"It can't hurt, can it?" Nat said gruffly. He beckoned for the parabola to come in. She did, hesitantly, and took a seat on the couch.

"Um, so should I lie back or something?" Para wondered.

"What do YOU think?" Elly reiterated.

"Don't have to," the inverse trig countered. "Now, I notice you're wearing your factored form outfit. Any reason for that?"

The parabola shrugged. "Nope? Thought it would fix the hairband, I guess."

"But it didn't. So now you not only appear to open down, you do it with visible zeroes," Nat remarked.

Para let out a little noise of exasperation.  "So what? You saying this session will involve Zero Down Payment?"


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