Sunday, 23 June 2013

S5.164 - Change of Acceleration

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Signum blinked in surprise. "I thought you two were confined to quarters, like me."

Heaviside pushed past the partially pink haired girl, and Flora followed the other step function into the room.  "Just felt the ship take off. So while everyone's preoccupied, I'll change the rules. Seriously, these other mathematical relations, they're all jerks!"

Signum blinked. "No, they're not clerks."

"JERKS!" Hevvi repeated, turning to face Signum again once the door had been closed. "So I say we kick them out at the next stop and pilot this ship ourselves. I've seen enough now to be able to do it!"

Signum's mouth open and closed for a few moments. "Oh, I... I don't think that's a good idea, 'Evvi. They're friends of my brother."

"Step-brother," Hevvi reminded. "Whom you haven't been with in person for, what, weeks? Years?" She adjusted her glasses, then crossed her arms. "Wouldn't you rather navigate this gazebo towards whomever consigned us to that steppe in the first place?"

"Um. Maybe?" Signum yielded, a bit hesitantly. She looked over towards Flora, who simply smiled and shrugged, seemingly happy to go along with whatever the other two decided.

"Look, Logan's group is not going to listen to us," Hevvi asserted. "As evidenced by how they blame us for things, and seem more interested in talking to any OTHER people they meet." The whole room suddenly seemed to pitch to the side, throwing all three girls off balance. "Then there's their inability to fly this thing!!"

"Okay," Signum sighed. "I'm in. So long as no one gets hurt."

Meanwhile, up on the bridge, everything pitched to the side again, Logan nearly falling out of his chair. "Sine!" Radik barked, gripping the Engineering console. "You're overtaxing the engines!"

"I'm not used to steering through a wormhole like this!" the tall trig protested, now gripping the joystick at the Nav console with both hands. "Tangent's the wizard at impromptu navigation, not me!!"

"She's not here!" Cosecant reminded. "C'mon Sine, you can do it! Picture yourself on Cosine's shoulders, if that helps!"


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