Wednesday, 19 June 2013

S5.163 - Orient Express

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ParaB pushed herself out from underneath the science console, then closed it up. "Okay. I've configured a beam to emit tachyons in alternating bandwidths. That should open up another of Conway's transwarp conduits... or Einstein-Rosen Bridges... or whatever the heck it was. Can I get back to the Cone of Science now? I was nearly finished with it."

"Mmmm. Sure," Logan said airily, not even looking at her as he rewound the footage of Con's wormhole, which was playing on the main viewer.

"It's been several days," Cosecant pointed out to the bunny. "You might have been done with all your work by now if you weren't always running off with QT to double check redundant systems."

"Hmph. I hadn't expected you to find extra tasks for me!" ParaB shot back defensively.

"Um, so, about Minkowski and Conway," QT broke in quickly, from where she was watching the viewer from behind Logan's chair. "What do you think their story is, Csc?"

"Obviously they were inverses," Radik broke in, as he ascended the stairs onto the bridge.

Sine looked up from her iPad. "What? How do you figure? Seems possible that they were two aspects of the same function."

Radik looked back at Sine as he wiped his hands on a rag. "They were married, hence they were inverses! Marrying your inverse is a mathematical LAW," he reminded. He punctuated the final word with a glare towards QT. 

The quartic merely reacted by biting down on her lower lip, making every effort not to look over at ParaB. After staring for a few long seconds, Radik shifted his gaze to Logan. "At any rate, the ship is again fully functional."

"Excellent! Make it go," the redhead directed, finally shutting down the main viewer before emphasizing his point by gesturing forwards with two fingers out.

"You think this is a wise course of action?" Sine asked.  "Using Con's wormhole, rather than getting more directions from Signum?"

"Signum's never had an exact heading," Cosecant reminded. "Mink and Con, they knew something. Now, if we don't find them at the other end of the tunnel, we can get Signum to reorient at that time."

"To re..." QT crinkled her nose. "Oh, but we haven't been to the orient even once, so how would that work?"



  1. Okay Greg, I am here...I am pretty smart...a little old...but I am not sure i am getting it.

    1. Sorry for the response delay; my excuse is that I was away, and am now working back through time. Not sure what you mean by getting it? In essence, a group of people is trying to use a wormhole to get somewhere (where former characters Mink and Con went). The "people" just happen to be personified parent equations.

      In specific, the "inverse relation" reference is a long running situation where inverses are opposite gender. (And Radik makes a dig at the fact that QT and ParaB have some sort of relationship.) The "transwarp" and "Einstein-Rosen bridge" references are shout-outs to TV shows Star Trek and Sliders. The closing comment was an attempt to end with a play on words.

      Does that make sense? It is possible I'm not making sense.