Sunday, 26 May 2013

S5.156 - Sigh Fie

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"Now it's time for us to go, or so the timer tells me so," Con concluded. He pointed his remote out at the empty air. Sine caught a glimpse of a digital readout cycling down to zero, just before a couple of beams shot out, and a brilliant blue circle of energy appeared in the middle of the air.

Mink brought her umbrella up to rest the end on her shoulder.  "Mmm, I do so love this part, don't I?" she remarked to her husband.

"Wait, what's going on?" Cosecant asked, fingering her phaser again.

Mink turned and smiled. "What if you found a portal to another dimension? What if you could slide into a thousand different mathematical areas? Where it's the same year, and you're the same person, but everything else... is different?"

"Translation: To move, without rotating or flipping," Con interjected. "So thanks for the chat, but now we must be tripping."

"Try to stay out of the rain, won't you?" Mink added. Con reached out to grab Mink by the waist, and then the two functions leapt into the swirling portal.

Sine grabbed for her communicator. "Logan, did you hear that?  Take some readings at our location.  Pronto!"

"Already doing it," came the redhead's voice, from back on the gazebo's bridge.

Within a minute, the portal had disappeared.  As Cosecant walked around it's former location, the first few spatters of rain began to fall from the sky. Which helped to revive Hevvi. She sat up quickly, then held her hand to her head. "Agggh, what the heck?! Did Con hit me??"

"Um, yeah," Sine admitted.  She reached out a hand to help the step function up, but Hevvi smacked it aside, then fumbled for her glasses, which had fallen off.

"That jerk, hitting a woman!  You avenged me, right?!"  There was a slightly uncomfortable pause.  "Huh.  Did one of you at least check that I was okay?"  Sine and Cosecant exchanged a glance.

"We saw you were still breathing," Cosecant noted. "It's not like we thought he'd killed you."

Hevvi balled her hands into fists. "Oh, he did far worse than kill me. He hurt me. And he's still hurting me, in leaving me stuck here with you... marooned in the middle of nowhere... barely revived..." The function threw her head back to glare at the sky, face twisted in anger. "COOOOOOOONNNNNNN!"

Her scream echoed out into the sudden downpour.



  1. I feel her wrath. Perhaps her first, best destiny is elsewhere. Surely she will see that the needs of the few will outweigh....okay I'll stop.

    1. I would not presume to debate you. Though I'm glad at least some of my obscure sci-fi references are hitting the mark.