Wednesday 15 May 2013

S5.153 - I Now Pronounce You

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"I was also able to deduce that she'd try her power to seduce," Con remarked, rubbing his knuckles on his sweater as he looked at the unconscious Heaviside on the ground.

"The real question is, will the two of you be more reasonable?" Mink asked. As she spoke, she unsnapped the handle on her umbrella, revealing that it folded out into two sections. She then planted the pointed end into the ground and sat back on the divided handle, folding her arms.

The two trig functions exchanged a glance. "Who ARE you?" Cosecant repeated as she looked back.

"Ahh, they're hearing deficient, I suppose?" Mink mused, looking to Con.

"Perhaps they've heard of your other fame, believing Slippery Devil's Staircase to be your name."

Mink looked back at Csc and Sin. "Oh, are you confusing me for my cousin, the Devil's Staircase?"

Sine shook her head. "No... we're not from around here, you see. We're on a quest to find probability and get ourselves back to mathematics."

"Get back? That's whack. I suggest you never left," Con opined. He moved to sit in Mink's lap. She circled her arms about his waist and pulled him close as he turned to her. "They must be from the curriculum of maths, blind to seeing the other paths."

"Oh, but doesn't that make you wonder?" Mink sighed. "Would they have let us into that curriculum, if only our notation could be vocalized without resorting to phonetic punctuation?"

Con smirked. "Well, I wouldn't want in. It's more fun with you, in sin."

Mink giggled. "Silly boy, it's not sin since we're married, right?" The devil girl pulled Con's head down and gave him a kiss. A long kiss. To the point where they seemed to be statues again.
? + [] = ...

Sine eventually cleared her throat, trying to think of a new topic. "Uh... so... why is it that Con rhymes whenever he talks?"

Mink finally released the blue function, her cheeks a deep red. After a second to catch her breath, she looked back to the primary trig. "Don't you know he's the box function?  Makes sense that a box knows rapping, right?"


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