Sunday 12 May 2013

S5.152 - Questionable Appearance

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Cosecant stared suspiciously at the two statues. The away team had found them within a few minutes of leaving the gazebo, after climbing out of the dry quarry where they had landed.

The one on the left looked a bit like a devil. Dressed in red, she had two horns sprouting out of her short orange hair. There also seemed to be a question mark motif on her outfit, given there were some on the collar of her blouse, another on her vest, and she carried an umbrella with a handle in the form of a question mark.

The one on the right looked more angelic. He was dressed in purples and blues, and had a halo hovering above his similarly blue hair - though it was square and box-like, rather than circular. The box theme continued on his collar and his sweater, and he carried a book which was of a similar colour to Logan's gazebo.

"They're very lifelike," Sine remarked.

The female devil abruptly turned to look at them. "If you think we're wax-works, you ought to pay - you know? Wax-works weren't made to be looked at for nothing, know how?"

"Contrariwise," the male chimed in. "If you think we're alive, you ought to speak, or else it implies you've got a real rude streak. That's logic, most cosmic."

By the time the two of them had finished speaking, Sine had stumbled back a few steps, Cosecant had whipped out her phaser, and Hevvi had pulled off her glasses to clean them. "Who are you?" Csc asked. "Identify yourselves!"

The devilish and angelic functions exchanged a glance, then looked back. "Would you believe our names are unpronounceable?" the orange haired one asked.

"Call her Mink, it's short for Minkowski," the blue haired one suggested. "I'm Con, for Conway, if you will agree." He then delivered a swift jab to the side of Hevvi's head, knocking the step function out cold.

Cosecant quickly stepped back out of range, phaser pointed at him. "Whoa! What was THAT about?!"

Mink rolled her eyes.  "Don't you know he's the box function?  Makes sense that he's able to box, right?"


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