Sunday 5 May 2013

S5.150 - Crash Course

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"150! No bones about it, I didn't think we'd survive this long!"

"Enough with the dramatic time updates Radik, we'll be landing momentarily," Logan sighed. He turned away from the radical function and leaned against the edge of his Captain's chair. "Sine, status?"


"Honestly?" the brunette executive officer began, peering at her iPad. "Our engineer has it right. Without that gelpack, your base is continuing to overheat. Lasting these 2.5 hours was luck, I estimate complete shutdown within 5 minutes." She threw a little glare over her shoulder.

The slightly heavyset woman in glasses met the gaze, folding her arms in response. "If the component was so vital to the ship," Hevvi shot back, "it shouldn't have been so easily accessible!"

"Hello? We'd removed the gelpack's covering panel for use in constructing our end of the Cone of Science!" ParaB called out. The conic immediately turned back to the gazebo rematerialization calculations, brushing some of her orange hair off her shoulder.

From the back of the bridge, Cosecant narrowed her eyes. "And you know 'Evvi, I still don't buy that Flora damaged the pack because she thought it was toothpaste! You step functions don't seem that stupid."

"You're the one being an idiot," Hevvi told the security officer. "We have no reason to cause sabotage, not when we'd be affected too!"

Off by the ladder, QT wrung her hands. "Oh, oh, can't we just get along here?" she pleaded. "I mean, look at me, a Polynomial, getting along with ParaB, a Conic! Doesn't that imply the rest of us can learn to accept the step functions too??"

"It's hardly the same... uh, hold up. What exactly do you mean by 'getting along'?" Radik III asked, raising an eyebrow. The quartic function's cheeks became a little darker in response.

"Uh oh, we're coming in too fast!" Sine interjected.  "Everyone hold onto something, I think we're about to crash!"


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