Wednesday, 1 May 2013

S5.149 - Hyper Sensitive

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When Maud exited the bar, he found Para sitting down on the ground with the Hyperbola towering over her. "Watch where you're going!" the green haired scientist was saying, waggling her finger. For her part, the bunny girl simply looked up, her eyes misting slightly.

"Hyper!" Maud called out, drawing her attention. "Not the best time for Conic-Polynomial antagonism. Para's... had too much to drink."

"This excuses her plowing into me?!" Hyper said in irritation. She threw her arms out to her sides, her lab coat billowing around her. "Geez Maud, don't make it sound like she's the only one having a bad day!"

Maud lifted an eyebrow, curious despite himself. "What, are there problems in constructing your Cone of Science?"

"No! Well, yes," the eccentric relation amended. "But right now, the issue is that jerk ArcSin! He's wearing his Dr. Nisano glasses again, and has started completely redesigning my lab. The nerve!"

"Ah. I suppose it would be better to find him his own space."

"To heck with his own space, I'm worried about him stealing my archetype!" Hyper shot back. "Have you seen his twin around? I'm hoping ArcCos can rein Nis in."

"Er, no, I haven't..."

"Then of what use are you?!" Letting out a breath of exasperation, Hyper marched off down the road. It was only after she left that Maud realized that Para had vanished at some point too.


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