Sunday, 28 April 2013

S5.148 - Base Emotions

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The exponential function stared at the bunny girl, who remained face down on the table. After a few seconds, Expona walked closer, her leather outfit making faint noises as she leaned left, then right. Finally, she turned back to Maud. "Okay, what's HER problem?"

"Para's feeling depressed," Maud said. "You're not helping."

Expona sniffed haughtily, brushing some of her long red hair back off her shoulder. "Well, it's not MY problem if her boyfriend's 'positive/negative' bipolar issues are rubbing off on her."

"Expona, be nice, she feels that people hate her."

Para abruptly stood up, leaning against the table for support. "Oh, great Maud, yes, let's tell the WHOLE WORLD," the blonde said, gesturing and nearly falling over. "Damn it, I trusted you!"

The Modulus function blinked.  "I... I wasn't aware we were speaking in confidence."

"Oh, lighten up Blondie. What, you think I'm going to take out a billboard advertisement against you or something?" Expona said. She smirked and arced an eyebrow. "Though, come to think..."

The Parabola's hands balled into fists. "Oh, oh, I hate you, I hate you ALL!" She half ran, half staggered out through the front door. Maud, running after her, missed Expona's look of surprise.

"Ah, whatever," the redhead said after a moment, pushing aside any feelings of unease. "If she's out of the way, maybe people will stop confusing the two of us. I mean really, HOW do you mess that up??" That said, she marched across the empty room to help herself to Maud's stash of drinks.



  1. Late breaking news: Thanks to Michael Pershan and the Daily Desmos, time to see if YOU can distinguish parabola from exponential:

  2. I was just wondering why would Expona not like Para, then realized it was probably bc they get mixed up a lot. (But then why wouldn't Para feel the same way? Maybe because she's up first...). And that desmos is a really nice visual, they do look so much alike on the graph too.

    1. Glad I was able to clear that up then. The long hair for Expona was actually given expressly for that reason (back when I was working more in black and white). I think it's not only Para being taught first, one is more likely to see an exponential AS a parabola (that hasn't curved back yet) rather than see a parabola as an exponential (because IF it curves back, that's a giveaway). In other words, the Exponential is more likely to be mislabelled, and thus annoyed. Unless I'm off "base". Heh.
      Yeah, the desmos was a happy accident, had it been a week earlier, I'd have made it a link in the actual serial entry.