Wednesday, 24 April 2013

S5.147 - Down Girl

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"Forget the cereal then," Para said, waving dismissively. "Heck, we're equations. Why do we even eat? What's the point to it all?!"

Maud pulled over a chair and sat next to the Polynomial. "If you didn't eat, you'd feel bad. Or worse. To return to your original question, we can die. Versine attempting to dispose of the Primary Trig, that wasn't just for show. In the confusion of their passing, she could well have taken over."

The bunny girl shook her head. "But eventually, Sine and the others, they would have been replaced by some respective child functions," Para countered. "MY point is, we don't have ACCESS to those children anymore. Not since getting tossed into this Purgatory. So if something happens to us..." She let her voice trail off.

"All the more reason to be careful."

"Is it? IS it?!" Para challenged. She tossed back the rest of her wine in one gulp. "Becaush I shink the world wud be better off wifout meh!"

"Okay, you're cut off," Maud decided, taking the glass away from her.

"I'm sheri... seriosh... not kidding," Para said, her cheeks growing warm. She cleared her throat. "Do you have any idea as to the number of humans out there who HATE me??"

"Don't judge yourself against humans," Maud countered. "I don't hate you. Root doesn't hate you. Name one mathematical relation who hates you!"

"Yo Maud!" Expona said, kicking open the door to the bar. "I was thinking about those calc... aw, damnit, the bunny's here."

Para's forehead slammed down onto the table.



  1. You're so right, so many students start to fall off the bus at parabolas, poor Para! I bet if she were a puppet, you'd have kids being really upset to have upset her!

    1. If I was going to talk depression, Para seemed a natural choice. Although a lot of students apparently have no fondness for Trig either.
      Honestly never considered puppets. Just so long as I don't end up creating massive guilt complexes or anything!