Wednesday, 3 April 2013

S4.145 - Over and Out

"These ring schematics seem valid enough," QT said, peering over the images Nis had just transmitted to them.  "I don't see any medical reason for concern."

"Of course not!" Nis said in annoyance as he continued to lean in over Hyper's shoulder.  "We ran them by Nat first, over lunch."  Hyper shrugged up her shoulder to try and move him away.

"Can't be too careful you know," came Sine's voice from Logan's bridge.  "ParaB told us about you moonlighting as Nisano.  Still, sounds good, and we have most of the materials, so to save time we'll get started on construction while in transit."

"Meaning there will be more disruptions in communication?" Para said, forcing her way past Cosine in order to peer at the screen.  There was a pause as the alpha group stared at her.

"Uh, Para, you've got a suction... thing," ParaB said.  The polynomial's eyes went wide, and she reached up to pull Hyper's device off her forehead.  "Yeah.  That's got it.  Try to be a bit more aware?" her bunny opposite suggested.

"Though in response to your concern, we'll be setting the gazebo down periodically," Logan countered.  "For communication purposes if nothing else."

Para was then pulled out of the way by Expona, who peered at the screen.  "Don't let my inverse stop too often!" she told Sine.  "Honestly, Logan can take what feels like forever just to count from 8 to 9 if you let him!"

"And Cosecant, make sure my sister goes into command mode if it seems like she's waffling back and forth at a critical time!" Cosine added, finally getting a peek by looking between the curls of Hyper's hair.

"Understood.  Alpha group out, for now," ParaB concluded, giving a little wave before reaching out and closing the communications channel.

Everyone finally stepped back to give each other more space.  "A viewscreen, this lab needs a bigger viewscreen," Nis declared, moving to start drawing up schematics.

Para fingered the suction cup in her hands. "Okay, well... what can I do to help now?" the bunny girl asked.

Hyper interlaced her fingers and stretched her arms out in front of herself.  "Nothing," she concluded.  "Seems like we can make contact just fine without you.  Better, in fact.  So run along and play, or do whatever it is you polynomials do."


"As in, don't be here and underfoot," Expona added off Para's immediate hesitation. The redhead then grabbed a calculator and went to speak to Maud about how the two of them might be able to account for what might be exponential changes in the distances between the two groups of people. In fact, Para noticed, everyone present now seemed to be preoccupied with something; even Cubi was making notes on a piece of paper.

"Oh," the parabola repeated.  Her bunny ears drooped.  She took a few steps backwards, edging out of the room.  Nobody noticed.  Almost immediately, she became aware of three more demands on her from outside Purgatory, the kindest of them being 'More Factoring, wtf?!'.  Her shoulders slumped.  "Well, okay then," she murmured.  As she turned to head back towards the makeshift bar, a small tear trickled down her cheek.

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