Sunday, 31 March 2013

S4.144 - A Likely Story

"This is what happens when you trust parabolas to transmit sensitive information," came Expona's voice from the other end of the communication channel.

"RING theory," ParaB enunciated to Signum before turning her attention back to the main viewer on the bridge of Logan's gazebo.  "Now, don't you blame us quadratics for Maud's step sister being half deaf!"

"And don't you be slighting the person whose directionality apparently made this two way conversation possible," Maud retorted. He gave a little wave to his sister function, who beamed in response.

"Shall we return to the point?" Sine suggested diplomatically, clasping her hands behind her back. "Namely that we can use the gazebo to return to Mathematics, and the Cone of Science to bring in everybody else?"

"Or to be an emergency exit if the effort fails," Cosecant added quietly, standing off to the side.

"Meaning we'll end up in Music, moonlighting as a band called 'Your X Girlfriends'," came Secant's similar vocalization from the other end of the line.

"Precisely! About the cone anyway," Hyper said, making a shooing motion in what they presumed to be Secant's direction. Meanwhile, Nis' face replaced Maud's. "All it requires is that you Alpha folks build a receiver; turns out I can't project the other side of the double napped cone the way I wanted. Also, we'll need everyone to make special rings to facilitate transport. Nis can provide those specifics."

"Hey, seems like that will take a while!" came Cubi's voice, which nearly caused Radik to smile. "Hey, what are we supposed to do while you're techno babbling??"

Hyper turned to the side with an irritated look on her face, but Logan had the answer. "We'll be improving our chances of victory," the redhead said, drumming his fingers on his command chair. "Because the 1% we're at now is problematic. 'Evvi?" He looked to where Hevvi was staying just offscreen - where they'd all insisted she stay, so that the functions back in Hyper's lab wouldn't be distracted by the sight of her.

"The probability math-tans," she revealed, crossing her arms.  "Legend says they exist, and Signum should be able to point this gazebo towards them too."

There was a collective gasp, and Hyper's eyes narrowed. "Probability-tans? Are you serious??"

"Geometrically serious, Hyper, geometrically," Logan confirmed.



  1. What's this?! The origin of your twitter handle?!?

    1. No... though I suppose this might be the first time they've referred to themselves as "-tans"? That is, outside of "tan-tan"? (After 100 episodes, one loses track.) The reason for the handle goes back to a meme that's been in decline: OS-tans, which I referenced back in ep S4.108.