Wednesday, 27 March 2013

S4.143 - Phony Science

"So what--"

"Quiet!" Hyper said. She smacked a suction cup onto the forehead of the bunny girl who had just walked into the lab. "Don't say a word. I'm going to read your thoughts!" she declared, adjusting the device she had on her head.


Para shifted her gaze over towards the others who were already in the room, namely Maud, Cosine, Expona, Cubi, Nis, and Secant. Maud shrugged, and the others seemed to be paying more attention to the rest of the electronics that had been set up, so Para returned her attention to the conic. Her bunny ears twitched. "I don't--"

"I said quiet!" Hyper insisted. She flipped a few switches on a large machine, then turned on a small video monitor. "Okay, you're... thinking of ParaB."

"No," Para said, shaking her head.

Hyper glared. "Well, why not?! The whole point of this exercise is to let the rest of us in on this communication you have with her and Logan's ship!"

The quadratic flinched.  "Oh. Sorry. I'll try to resume our telepathic connection then."

"Uh, Hyper," Nis called out.

"Right then," Hyper said, rubbing her hands and then adjusting some dials. "You're thinking of ParaB. So I'm seeing Logan's gazebo... I'm seeing a small knife... I'm seeing a donation to the Coast Guard Youth Auxiliary... what? Agh, this thing doesn't work at all...!"

"Hyper," Nis repeated, tapping a computer monitor. "We're getting a Skype. It's Logan, he's calling us collect."

"Eh?" The scientist marched over to respond, and moments later, the face of the Logarithm appeared. "How are you doing that?" the green haired conic demanded. "Moreover, why didn't you do it sooner?!?" She struggled to remove her hair from her headpiece.

"Couldn't get a signal. At least, not until Signum gave ParaB a precise direction for the transmission," Logan explained.  "Even now it's reliant on Maud being in the same room with you."

"Hi bro!" the partially pink haired girl said, poking her head into the frame. "Oh, wow, what happened to your hair??"

"Reunions after," Hyper said hurriedly, tossing her electronics aside and waving her hand to prevent Cosine and Cubi from leaning in along with Maud. "More importantly, did ParaB explain to you about my Cone of Science??"

"Well sure!" Signum said brightly before Logan could speak. "She said your scones are based on string theory!"  The smacking sound was audible even before ParaB stepped into the image with her palm over her face.



  1. That video made me think of Donnie Darko, and Event Horizon. Loved DD, the other one scared the stuffing out of me.

    1. Hm! Don't know either of those. Quick search makes me think I might want to watch at least DD. After all, I'm massively into time travel.
      As to the video, only made sense to link as it mentions the DeLorean, while this episode cribs lines DIRECTLY from "Back To The Future".