Sunday, 24 March 2013

S4.142 - Spare The Rod

Sine cleared her throat as she and Hevvi stepped into the small cottage. QT and Flora looked up from where they were playing a game of Magic on the kitchen table. "So, there's good news and bad news," the primary trig announced. "Good news is, Signum can lay in a course for Mathematics. We can get home."

"Bad news is she'd have to go along to make constant course corrections," Hevvi cut in. "And there's less than a 1% chance of being able to land, AND these idiots don't even know what could be waiting for them on the other side."

QT and Flora exchanged a look.  "So... are we doing it then?" QT asked uncertainly.

"Only if we can increase our probability of success, and bring an army along with us," Sine yielded. "Which, here's the thing, might not be impossible. We're all getting together on Logan's bridge, where both ParaB and Para have some news to share back and forth through their mental link."

Flora turned to look at Hevvi with an uncertain gaze. "Yeah, all of us," Hevvi confirmed. "I've seen enough of their setup now to know they're not a threat. More to the point, they're not waltzing off with Signum, since I've inked a deal where they either bring all three of us, or none of us." Flora clasped her hands in delight, and Hevvi half smiled. "Right, I thought you'd like that, you're always asking us what plant life exists off this steppe."

"Can we at least finish this game?" QT asked. "I think I was finally about to win one."

"Untap your mana later," Sine insisted. "I need your medical opinion on something called a Cone of Science."

Again Flora looked inquiringly at Hevvi, who shrugged. "Beats me, at first I thought they were envisioning rods and cones."

The catgirl blinked in confusion. "You still measure in rods around here?"


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