Wednesday 20 March 2013

S4.141 - In Security

"Why does Signum need to see the engine room?" Radik said, narrowing his gaze.

"Something to do with variability in navigation, and she's wondering if she can correct for it directly," Cosecant answered with a sigh. "Both Logan and ParaB concur she needs access."

"So you're just going to rescind your bridge only policy," Radik said, rolling his eyes. "Fine. Now I see why Logan put YOU in charge of security."

"HEY!" the secondary trig said, putting her hands on her hips.  "What are you implying there?"

"Obviously that you were easier to sell on this plan than I would have been," the silver haired function answered bluntly.

Cosecant ground her teeth a little bit. "Don't presume. Besides, I didn't see YOU with the presence of mind to install phasers into this ship!"


"I was busy actually doing my assigned job... plus you haven't even been able to test those phasers," Radik reminded. "Honestly, I have a sword, and you're wearing engineering yellow, the choice should have been obvious."

"Security yellow! Cotangent is the engineer in our family!" Cosecant responded angrily. Her eye twitched. "For that matter, Maud sent you along in part so you could give insight on this new world surrounding us. What happened to, you know, ANY of that?"

Radik shot her a dark look in return. "Had my imaginary roots anything of relevance to contribute, I would have passed it on."

"Perfect," the security officer said sarcastically. "Well, unless they say 'Don't let Signum in the Engine Room', that's happening."

"I already said fine."

"Fine!" Cosecant glared for an additional moment. "I'd say try not to have anything sensitive sitting out, but given how insensitive you are, it shouldn't be an issue."

"Oh, well, there's some truth tables, but I'll put them away," Radik concluded. "It's obvious you can't HANDLE the truth tables!" If there were a door to slam, he probably would have; as it was, the engineering doors merely glided closed after he stalked through them.


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