Wednesday, 13 March 2013

S4.139 - Valid Point

"I'm now more convinced than ever that we all have inherent abilities," Cosecant said as she sat up herself. She didn't fully stand though, as the three step functions were now taking seats on the floor of the gazebo themselves. "Ones you three have been able to hone while living out here by yourselves."

"But then what's your ability?" Sine asked Signum, both verbally and with sign language.

The partially pink haired girl smiled back. "Oh, I'm wicked awesome at directions! For instance, I know my brother Maud is that way," she said cheerily, pointing to the left.

Everyone turned to follow her finger. "Where?" QT said in confusion, seeing only the steppe, right to the horizon.

"Who knows?" Hevvi cut in. "She's rubbish at distance. Again, we figured she was making half of this stuff up."

ParaB began to drum her fingers on the floor. "Hold on. Signum... does this mean you could point us back towards Mathematics? Towards our home??"

Signum canted her head sideways. "You need wards for a gnome?"

"No, we want to get back to our subject area," Logan jumped in quickly as ParaB made a face. Sine also resumed translating. "And my ship could do it, except I don't have a heading. Maybe you can program one in?"

Signum glanced towards Hevvi before answering. "Maybe? I'd need more information about both your home and your ship. Could I see inside?"

It was Logan and Sine who now exchanged glances. "If there's a chance, we should take it... right?" the primary trig said.

"Limited access. Bridge only," Cosecant cautioned.

"And your QT stays back in our cottage with Flora," Hevvi added. "So we know you won't try to pull something!"

ParaB eyed Hevvi a bit suspiciously. "No tricks from you either, 'Evvi'."

Hevvi smirked.  "Silly rabbit, tricks are for kids."


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