Sunday 10 March 2013

S4.138 - The Florist

ParaB helped QT up through the Gazebo's hatch, before closing it. With everyone out, Sine then beckoned to the three step functions, who had been cautiously waiting just outside. When QT held up her Quadcorder, Hevvi merely gestured vaguely, so the catgirl began to run a scan.

Flora, the latest addition to the step trio, looked particularly interesting. Seemingly the youngest, instead of bifurcated hair in twintails, her hair was done up in a sequence of curlers, each side showing black or white. Her track suit also involved stripes, as opposed to the clearly delimited sections sported by Hevvi and Signum. Apparently also the most timid of the three, she clutched a flower in her hands.

"Not picking up anything, dang. Dang..." QT slapped her device. It squealed. "Dangerous."

"Now what guarantee do WE have that this gazebo isn't about to leave along with us?" Hevvi demanded, hands on hips.

"Our word," Sine retorted. "Now please turn them off." 

Hevvi feigned innocence for a moment, but as ParaB leaned in with a look, she let out a sigh of exasperation. The glasses-wearing function reluctantly turned towards Logan and Radik, who had been inching closer and closer, practically drooling as they stared lovingly at her. "Guys, willpower. Have it. For the moment."

Logan blinked, then cleared his throat and started inching away again. "Sorry. It's just you have a very impressive set. Ah, of abilities."

Hevvi snorted. "Yeah, right. My persuasion is pretty useless unless there's someone else around. Flora, she's the one who'll mess you up if you double cross us."

"Oh yes?" Cosecant said warily, eyeing the quiet girl with the flower.

"Oh, yes," Hevvi mimicked. "Do NOT startle her, or else, well..." She glanced at her fellow step function. "Give them a demo. Just a second or two."

Flora's eyes darted left and right uncertainly for a moment. Then, without saying a word, she extended a tentative hand out in front of her, with her palm up. When she reversed it, pushing the air down a few millimetres... all six members of Logan's crew immediately collapsed, to the point of lying flat on the ground, feeling pinned there.

The effect lasted only a second. "Localized gravity effect," Radik realized, coughing as he pushed his body back up. "Okay. Consider us floored, function."



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  2. Okaaaay. So here's a classic example of how not to advertise, if anyone's looking for an example of such! (Do you see anything helpful for actual "florists" here? Also, "an" helpful?) Then again, does leaving it up as a bad example to chuckle at mean they succeeded after all? I'm so confused.