Wednesday, 6 March 2013

S4.137 - Power Strangers

"So you got beat up by a bunny, huh?" Sine asked, as she undid Logan's restraints.

"I confess I don't remember much of it," Logan said. "Though I am rather surprised to discover kung fu is possible in heels."

"ParaB didn't fight fair!" Radik complained, as Cosecant untied him. "Her behaviour was terribly unsportsmanlike! She seems very different from the usual Para."

"I'm not your Polynomial Para," ParaB said defensively. "The conics spent time training me in self defense. Though the tiara move outside, that was honestly more instinct than intent..."

"You know, perhaps deep down we all have such powers we can access," Cosecant suggested. Her eye twitched as she adjusted her reciprocal tie. "Though something tells me I'd need Secant here to reach my full potential."

"Perhaps I can modify the Quadcorder to scan for hidden abilities inside us?" QT suggested.

"Later. For now, use it on the step functions," Sine countered.  "We don't want them surprising us again." She glanced up towards the ceiling hatch - they had agreed to meet with Hevvi, Signum and Flora in the gazebo proper, Sine preferring not to let them into Logan's base.

"Yeah, I'm sure they've been separate from us until now for a reason," ParaB agreed.

"Perhaps because TPTB were worried they'd make formidable allies?" Logan hypothesized.

Radik shook his head. "Or ruthless enemies," he said, retrieving his sword.

QT crinkled her nose. "Wait, TPTB? I don't know that acronym."

"It refers to whomever might be externally influencing our world," Cosecant explained. "Stands for 'Transcendental Pi-Type Beings'."


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