Sunday 3 March 2013

S4.136 - Green Lanterns

The ArcCos function reached out to adjust the light from a lantern on the desk. He and his twin brother were putting in another late night. Or at least, he knew he was. He looked over at his twin for a long moment. "How did you even get those glasses?" he finally asked.

"With science!" Nis replied to Soc, shaking his fist in the air. He then resumed pacing back and forth across the room.

"Yeah, stop doing the Nisano bit," Soc requested. "Or find me a pair so I can join you."

ArcSin whirled, jabbing his finger out. "I can't stop now, these specs are helping me focus on solving Hyper's Cone of Science! Moreover, they are of no use to you, as they tap into a more negative range of emotions. You have no negative numbers in your range!!"

Soc facepalmed. "Graphing me aside, you know we're pretty green compared to Hyper. So why this new attitude of yours, it's only making people question our association with her."

"Then they don't understand our genius, they-- wait, what did you say?" Nis said, cutting himself off. "They're questioning what?"

"Our association with Hyper."

Nis hurried over and shuffled through some papers, finally grabbing one and slamming it down into the centre of the table. "That's it! We've done it, we've identified the problem with the teleporter!"

Soc stared down at the page. Then bolted upright. "Of course. The associative property! We send (a + b + c) into one end of the cone, but it's not transmitting that! It sends an inferior copy, such as (a + (b + c))!"

"Which isn't a problem if we're, say, in the integers," Nis agreed. "As those would be the same thing."

"But here they're NOT," Soc concluded. He grinned at his brother. "Brilliant! In fact, as we're exchanging matter between two places, we'd best check the commutative properties too."

"Perfect!" The ArcSin function rubbed his hands together. "Moreover, I forsee a very simple solution to this mess! Something we can use to ENSURE associativity when we send items through!!"

Soc smirked. "What you say has a very familiar ring!"

There was a pause. "Non-mathematicians won't get that reference," Nis pointed out.

"People who don't know Channel Awesome won't get your schtick, what's your point?" Soc fired back.

Another pause. "Science!" Nis retorted, shaking his fist in the air.



  1. Where's the link to "She Blinded Me with Science"?!?

    1. HAH. Valid point. Hadn't occurred, as the constant "SCIENCE!" shoutouts here derive from the Channel Awesome reference, as linked. As always though, take away whatever memes and earworms you would like!

    2. Oh man, i was so sure of it with the glasses! Ah well.

    3. To be clear, I actually love it when things I do can be interpreted multiple ways, so yay.