Sunday, 24 February 2013

S4.134 - Step Mania

"Signum?" ParaB said, pouncing on the name. She stood. "We're here looking for you!" she said in delight.

The half pink haired girl blinked and shook her head in confusion before starting to walk closer to the group. "Pardon? You're near hooking a grue?"

Hevvi sighed as she heard Signum coming closer, and the step function tried to sit up. "Enunciate more clearly, you conic idiot," Hevvi grumbled. "Signum's half deaf." The step function snapped her fingers. "Cosecant, fetch me my glasses."

ParaB shot Hevvi another glare. "Are you trying to get a kick in the head?! I said RELEASE my friends! Because among other reasons, Sine speaks sign language, and can translate."

"I'll release them when I have my glasses back," the step function retorted. "You're all fuzzy blobs at the moment!"

"I'm so sorry for 'Evvi," Signum said as she reached them. "When we saw the dread gazebo appear, we thought it would be best that she use her charms to convince it's owners to leave."

"It's not a dread gazebo," ParaB muttered. "Also 'Evvi' seemed more inclined to use the chance to get slaves!"

Signum raised her hands to her mouth in horror. "Your companions would NEVER have been maligned for a dance on graves!!"

Hevvi rolled her eyes, even as Cosecant replaced her glasses. "Enunciate!" the step function repeated, quickly pushing them up on her nose. ParaB raised her leg off the ground in preparation for a kick. "Euh, fine, fine - ladies, if you truly care for me, you'll have your willpower back now."

Sine, Cosecant and QT all blinked a few times in rapid succession, so ParaB slowly lowered her foot. Making a point of articulating carefully, she then looked at Signum and asked, "Are you Maud's sister?"

"Maud's? Oh! Yes! Sort of!" Signum replied. She smiled. "I'm his step sister!"


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