Wednesday 20 February 2013

S4.133 - Luna See

"Hmph. Well, you may not surrender to my charms," Hevvi concluded. "But you'll still have to get through the functions who do - your friends - in order to get to me!"

"Yeah, not so much," ParaB finished. Her thumb and index finger closed on her tiara. "Focus Tiara ACTION!" she called out.


ParaB whipped her arm out, the tiara coming off her forehead. As she did so, the tiara began to glow, and as it left the bunny girl's fingers, it spun around in the air, maintaining it's height. It then executed a perfect parabolic arc, looping around Sine, Cosecant and QT - using the latter as a focus point. Hevvi barely had time to open her eyes wide, before it had smacked her in the face, knocking her to the ground and sending her glasses flying.

"'Evvi!" the two trig chorused, turning in shock, as QT continued to stand, looking conflicted.

ParaB pressed her advantage, running around her distracted companions in a similar arc to that of her tiara, reaching down to grab Hevvi by the front of her outfit. "Release them from your spell. NOW," she declared, bringing back her palm in preparation to smack the step function at the first sign of resistance.

"Y-You hit a girl wearing glasses," Hevvi said, blinking several times in confusion. "Using a magic tiara. Wh-What sort of relation ARE you?!"

"A conic," ParaB concluded. She brought her palm down towards Hevvi's face.

"STOP!" came a cry from the cottage door. ParaB froze mid-swing and looked up. There was another girl there now. Dressed similarly to Hevvi, she also had one side white, but the other was pink. One of her horizontal twintails was also set lower on her head. "Please!" the person continued, clasping her hands together. "She's practically blind without her glasses!"

Hevvi grimaced, pulling away from ParaB and then making shooing motions with an arm. "I can handle this! Stay back, Signum!" she hollered.



  1. This drawing of ParaB is really good. I can see her determination. And her legs are awesome.

    1. Thanks! I'm rarely complimented for my drawing! (For good reason I expect.) Though in this case, I can't take all the credit - sometimes when I parody, I pull right from source material. I sketched ParaB (freehand) off of an image of Sailor Moon. Who also has nice legs.