Wednesday, 13 February 2013

S4.131 - Doctor Cones M'Kay

"What are you doing?" Nat asked, leaning against the doorframe.

Hyper jumped and spun away from her lab bench. "Don't you inverse trig ever knock?" she said in annoyance.

"There's no door here," Tangent's inverse pointed out. "Only the frame."

"Then knock on the frame! We're all having to make due with whatever we can while we're displaced from our mathematical homes, aren't we?!" the green haired conic shot back, marching over. "Like I'm down to one cup of coffee a day!" She grabbed the trig by his shirt. "Do you have ANY idea WHAT THAT'S LIKE?!?"


"I'm a doctor," he reminded blandly, reaching up to dislodge Hyper's fingers. "So yes. But I ask again, what are you doing? I'm worried your mad scientist ways are rubbing off on Nisano... I mean, Nis and Soc."

Hyper smoothed down her lab coat. "If you must know, we're making a cone of science."

Nat frowned. "Cone of silence?"

"Don't Get Smart with me!" the scientist shot back. "This is a double napped cone with one end in this lab, and the other, well, wherever I project it." She crossed her arms. "You've heard of ring transporters?" Nat nodded. "Well, it's not that."

"Okay," Nat said, rolling his eyes. "But then why was Nis telling me about some device for reading people's thoughts?"

"Oh! My other focus," Hyper said, gesturing at a nearby table. "To get coordinates for the cone, I've junked the railgun idea in favour of locking onto psychic frequencies. Such as those between Para and ParaB."

Nat looked from the table to Hyper and back. "Huh. Does this mean you could project your cone into Logan's ship?"

"Yes! Maybe even retrieve ParaB!" Hyper countered, rubbing her hands together. She made a face. "Having trouble with the reintegration though. Currently, my cone of science is only making a copy of the original. Which creates a bunch of dead ringers."


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