Sunday 3 February 2013

S4.128 - Quantum Dating

"Yar, let's get out there then!" Logan concluded, marching for the exit ladder at the back of the bridge.

"Wait!" Sine declared. "As Executive Officer, I should lead the away mission. Should anything happen, you understand the gazebo's systems better than any of us. Cosecant, QT, you're with..." She hesitated. "Or, should it be ParaB and Cosecant?"

"Go with Csc and QT," Logan said, shrugging off Sine's momentary indecision as he moved to sit back down in his chair.

Sine nodded, and the three women went to ascend the ladder. "Um, after the both of you," QT offered, tugging at the hem of her skirt.

The three functions soon emerged from Logan's base, pausing before approaching the cottage. "I should sweep the area first," Csc declared. "Or at least the perimeter."

"If it helps, I'm picking up three readings from inside the house," QT offered, poking at the calculator-shaped Quadcorder that she and ParaB had been working on.


"Are they mathematical relations like us?" Sine asked.

"Not like us," QT countered, shaking her head. "They're a new form of fun. Fun?" She smacked her palm into the side of the scanner. It let out a squeal. "Function."

"The door's opening!" Cosecant declared, stepping forwards and raising her arm, to keep the others back. A slightly overweight girl with glasses and twintails then emerged from the cottage, closing the door before stepping deliberately towards them, swaying her hips.

Sine's jaw dropped. "Great Scott," she muttered.

"I know, this is heavy," Cosecant gasped.

"No! No, I'm 'Evvi! 'Evvi!" the approaching girl retorted back with careful pronunciation. "The 'H' is silent!"

QT tilted her head to the side. "Wait, are we in Newfoundland?"


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