Wednesday 23 January 2013

S4.125 - I've Been Working on the Railgun

"We've decided to do more exploration around the intersection of math and music," Lyn clarified for Reci.

Para smiled sadly. "Good timing, except I've decided I'm no good with recorded music. That's why I left the latest mashup for Maud."

"Oh?" Root responded, looking momentarily nonplussed - to the point of trending negative.

"Whoa." Elly interjected, blinking a couple times before tilting her head to the left. "Wait. Maud. You've straightened your hair?"

Maud nodded. "Yeah. Kept meaning to get around to that. Wore my hat for far too long, that's why it angled funny. Anyway, as I was saying..."

"It's DONE!" Hyper interrupted as she strode into the room, proudly brandishing a box with a tuning fork stuck into it.

"What's done?" Circe said, eyeing the mad scientist a bit cautiously.

"A certain scientific railgun," the green haired conic said, looking particularly animated. "It fires axes!"

"X axes? Y axes?" Expona asked, looking vaguely bored as she leaned onto the table. Only to have it kicked out from beneath her arm by Elly, scattering cards everywhere.

"Tiny axes," Hyper yielded. "But we'll get there!" Circe wasted little time in joining Elly behind the table. Expona followed after a moment, with Tangent grabbing Lyn to join them. Reci backpedalled out of the room.

Maud merely sighed, his attention on Hyper as he idly began flipping a coin. "But I already told you. I don't know where you would aim such a weapon! We were kicked out of math by TPTB, how do you fight something like that?"
It's an odd idea to pitch

"Science!" Hyper declared, shaking her device at Maud. Root and Para also moved behind the table, as Cosine and the remaining functions slipped out of the room after Reci.

Just in the knick of time, as it was after being shaken that Hyper's invention started to let out a loud whine. She glanced down at it. "Oh, it's not supposed to do that," she mused. "Nis said this would be a railgun in the key of C. The constant C is an integral part."


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