Wednesday, 16 January 2013

S4.123 - Add Jectives

"I hate to say it, but speaking of family makes me wonder what Radik III is up to," Root said, shoving his hands into his pockets.

"And I miss my twin sister," Cosine sighed. "I wonder if the alpha group has had any luck finding new relations?"

"I know they will," Elly replied, her eyes unfocussing. "After all, there's so many other branches of mathematics out there... combinatorics, optimization, statistics, finance..."

"I propose we regroup with everyone else in the gamma group then," Lyn concluded, readjusting her glasses. "We're pretty much done here, and they'll probably have a better sense of where Logan and the alphas are at."

"And they can help with our backup plan to focus on music!" Root reminded.

Nat frowned. "What if we've missed something important though? An entire subject, even?" he protested.

"If we have, maybe someone will comment!" Elly said brightly. "They give an opinion, we come back to it later."

"But opinions would be subjective! ...aha, of course, I see your objective there," Secant realized.

Lyn's eyebrow twitched. "To mention cases of personal pronouns...?"

"Yeah, let's stick with math," Cosine sighed. "We can discuss which among us are injective, or something."

Root made a face. "Even if I am, I never did like needles."


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