Wednesday, 9 January 2013

S4.121 - Language: Art

"Soooo, do we talk Art now?" Root wondered, glancing to Elly.

"We haven't exhausted languages yet," Lyn insisted. "Consider, english has nouns and adjectives, we have variables and coefficients. There's something to that! Also, when I say 'Stop!' I'm implying YOU stop, the same way when I say 'x' I'm implying ONE x."

Elly shook her head, adopting a meditative pose by making ellipses between her thumbs and forefingers. "Algebra mad libs has been done by a teacher already. Moreover, (x, why?) and Spiked Math comics already made more humourous english connections than we ever could."

"Shouldn't we at least point out here how phrases like 'at least', or 'no more than' trip students up mathematically?" Cosine suggested.

"No more than we'd expect though, right?" Secant countered. Her eye twitched. "The world is simply full of inequality."

In summary:  >.<

There was a brief pause. Root cleared his throat. "Because I was thinking our very existence is TOTALLY connecting mathematics to art. They'd love us there! Wouldn't you say?"

Nat shook his head. "You may enjoy doodling pictures of your girlfriend, Root, but students may not enjoy drawing parabolas as much."

"I... I don't doodle pictures of Para!" Root protested. "I'm more about, um, perspective drawing on computers... yes. Because perspective is huge in art."

Elly waggled her eyebrows. "What about how art links to math through patterning?"

"Or we could talk Isometric diagrams," Lyn added. "There's a three way crossover between math, art and technology there!"

Root turned to her. "Wait, iso what? Are we bringing up the metric system again?"



  1. Wow, you're supporting other mtbos-ers sites by including them in your story and linking to them. I hope this hasn't gone unnoticed!

    1. As of this moment, this entry (4.121) has 50 views. Through 15 months. I would be shocked if anyone - with the possible exception of (x, why?) - was aware. After all, it's not like I'm generating much in the way of additional hits for them.

      It's on me, of course... both my ability to promote the story, and then engage math educators, is spotty at best. I'm pleased you're still with me.

    2. Always. (Ooh I hope that doesn't sound creepy.)