Sunday 25 November 2012

S4.118c - NOV 25/12

Author Notes:

Update: Well, it's been a month. My personal life is less complicated. But my course prep and marking are still absorbing a lot of my time, and with no/little external incentive to get things going here, I've refocussed in a couple other places. So we won't be resuming regular updates here until the new year, at the earliest.  That said...

-Barring the unforeseen, there will still be a holiday special like last year.
-I have posted up the "Exponential" parody song that I wrote in late August.  (It was going to be integrated into the story line, and likely still will be, but might as well be out there for you.)
-I have been doing some blogging over at My Other Site including a week of blogging about my day, which included some math-tan character point of views as I experimented with different writing styles.
 1) Tuesday, as told by Para
 2) Wednesday, as told by Circe
 3) Thursday, as told by Tangent
 4) Friday, as told by Hevvi

Which was capped off by some reflections about the experience. I've also spent some time here and there doctoring "Magical Lyrical Nanoha" cards to use math personification characters:

Yes, a Period Cane. There's a lot you still haven't seen.

If I had more spare time, or more incentive, I'd probably devise a firmer timeline here. (Tip: Readers can certainly affect the latter, if not the former.) Of course, the series is obviously not going away, as it's remaining part of my daily life... but regular updates remain on hiatus for now.