Wednesday, 17 October 2012

S4.118 - History/Hertory

"Okay, so we have designs on music," Lyn concluded. "That said, on the off chance that vocaloids corner the market first, let's consider a backup subject."

"History," Cosine suggested. "Dates are numbers, and they can carry particular significance."

"Like birthdays!" Root said. He turned and grinned.

"Well, and there are a number of statistics which play a role in history," Elly remarked. "For instance, the numbers on conscription and drafting for wars... tied in to election results..."

"Ooh, I don't know about elections," Secant sighed. "The voter turnout numbers in Western societies are rather depressing of late."

"How about immigration stats?" Nat offered. "Then versus now. Though, I dare say it's always interesting to compare historical events to current ones. Lessons from the past reach into the future and all."

"Assuming you can do proper comparisons," Root countered. "In Canada, the long form census was recently turned into a voluntary survey."

Lyn rubbed her forehead. "This is getting too political. Perhaps if we focused only on the history of mathematics?"

"Or merely the mathematicians?" Elly mused. "Not forgetting about all the female contributions, to be sure..."

"Gender is a whole other issue," Cosine observed.  "Actually, interesting fact, the father of HIStory is considered to be HERodotus."

"Word," Root affirmed.  Or possibly segued.


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  1. With a happy birthday to my wife, who likes her some history... :)