Wednesday, 3 October 2012

S4.114 - Two Point Conversion

Root stared at the floor, now feeling totally negative. "You know," he sighed, "After seeing the other personifications, I feel like mathematics is coming real late to this party. I mean, what's next, personifying sinkholes?"

"Now, now. You might simply be looking at our role in the wrong way," Elly soothed, reaching out to pat him on the shoulder.

"Right," Lyn agreed. "This isn't about taking over some other subject area, or turning me into Hydrogen. It's about remaining true to ourselves, merely in the context of another subject."

"Offering them support," Secant agreed.

"Or possibly adapting their ideas," Cosine said. "Have any of you seen the Periodic Table of Finite Simple Groups?"

"Hm! I suppose we could consider tech courses," Root mused, flipping back to being positive. "For instance, logs. Did you know a finished 2 by 4 is actually a 1.5 by 3.5?"

"Hmph, imperial," Nat mumbled. "Such lumber measures 38 by 89 millimetres in metric. More to the point, conversions are huge. But I don't see us popping up on the nearest chalkboard whenever a student has to do measurements."
"Why not?" Elly asked. "Picture it, the person thinks they're in one course... only to discover they've been metric rolled."


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