Sunday 30 September 2012

S4.113 - Sign Error

QT let out a little shriek as she stared out of the gazebo's hatch.

"What?" ParaB said, her grip on the catgirl tightening in concern. "What is it, what do you see?!"

"It's like the gazebo's moving through an Escher painting... but with an extra dimension or something! So weird!" the polynomial responded.

The orange haired relation let out a long sigh as she realized that QT was in no immediate danger. "Don't scare me - uh, us like that!"

"Sorry," QT apologized. "Oh, hey, I think I can also see the sock Lyn lost in the dryer last month..."

"And what is it you've remembered then?" Sine demanded of Logan, who had trailed off into a thoughtful pause.

"Hm? Oh! Signum is practically deaf," the redhead answered, stroking his chin again. "It might help smooth relations with her if one of us learned sign language."

"Ah! Then don't worry. I do know at least one dialect of my namesake," Sine assured.

"Your what? What's a namesake dialect?" Logan said in confusion. Sine put her hands on her hips and stared at the Captain. Logan lowered his hand and met her gaze blankly.

It was Cosecant who broke the stalemate by pointing out, "Logan, say the name of the primary trig function you're looking at."

"Her name?" the redhead said in puzzlement. "She's Sine. How does that help us find someone who knows sign language?"

"Nevermind," Sine said, facepalming. She walked back to the navigation console. There was a brief silence.

"Uhm, so QT, are you about ready to come back down then?" ParaB asked, cheeks growing even pinker as she continued to hug close.

"Oh! Yes, sorry," the blonde apologized again. She reached up to close the hatch. "It's just in the midst of the painting I caught sight of a random Vihart video playing too, involving cardioids. Wanted to watch the whole thing. Nice overall message, except... parabolas make me happy too! Wouldn't you agree?"

The two girls linked eyes. "Let's discuss things as we perform surgery on a scanner," ParaB suggested.


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