Wednesday, 26 September 2012

S4.112 - Look Out

"Are we there yet?"

Sine turned to look up at QT. "Honestly, I'm not entirely sure where we are NOW." The trig function pushed her rolling chair away from the Nav board, over to Ops. Seeing nothing of use there either, she simply shrugged.

"Doesn't matter," Logan said, from where he was lounging in the central chair. "Wherever we are, I don't think time has meaning. Just sit back and enjoy the ride - it's even possible the ship will pick up Signum by all by itself!" He paused. "Though I think the chances of that are based on telephone numbers."

"We COULD simply open the hatch and look out of the gazebo," ParaB pointed out, pragmatically.

Logan stroked his chin. "I tried that once. Don't recall what happened."

"I nominate the catgirl to attempt it then," Cosecant said. "She can assess whether it's medically sound." QT's eyes went wide and she let out another squeak.

Sine nodded. "Agreed, but ParaB, follow her up the ladder, and hold onto her. Just in case."

QT Needs Ladder Training
The bunny girl nodded also, even as QTs eyes flicked left and right. "Uhm... o-okay," QT responded nervously. "I guess I've got an anti-nausea hyperspray ready, if needed..." She proceeded to the ladder at the back of the bridge, ParaB trailing after.

"Why are they called hypersprays anyway?" Cosecant mused, looking towards Radik. Behind them, the polynomial began her climb, her pink boots making soft noises as they were brought down against the rungs. Beneath QT, ParaB coughed lightly.

"Because Hyper invented them, duh," the silver haired man responded to Csc. "Also hyper can mean 'over', and they can be given over clothing." He smirked. "What other prefix would you use, hypo? That means under!"

QT soon reached the hatch and took hold of the handle before glancing down. "Okay, here goes... ParaB, are you okay? You seem flushed."

The orange haired girl climbed one more rung, then threw an arm around the catgirl's waist. "We can talk later," she mumbled. "Just don't ever let Logan or Radik do this for you."

QT blinked a couple times in confusion before simply reaching up and pushing open the hatch. Right then, Logan sat up in his chair. "Wait! I just remembered something!!"



  1. QT might also need to remember what she's wearing under her dress the next time she climbs a ladder. ;)

  2. Yep, one of my first attempts at a sight gag. ParaB will have a nice conversation with QT in an upcoming strip. (Though some things will remain up to the reader.)