Wednesday 19 September 2012

S4.110 - Unnatural Log

"Yarrrr. Captain's Log, entry e+123. Time is relative," Logan intoned, pacing the bridge as he spoke into an imaginary pad.

"Where did you even get an iPad?" Sine questioned. Logan ignored her.

"I've assigned duties to my new crew," the redhead continued to narrate. "And drawn them crude maps of the ship so they can get around."

"I still say I should be in charge of security!" Radik III said in annoyance. "Don't assume I know engineering merely because I have some connections with Root!"
Cosecant turned to stick her tongue out at Radik, before resuming her work at trying to integrate phase shifters into the, thus far unused, weapons control board.

"As science officer, I feel I must protest the illogical ship layout," ParaB remarked, trying to figure out if her map was upside down. "I mean, it's like a single new room increases the complexity by a factor of ten, how does that even... oh. Right," she sighed, remembering who she was talking to.

The logarithm cast the others an annoyed look before resuming his dialogue. "I will shortly be getting Sine, who is my XO and operations officer, to take the helm. Our first mission, to locate Signum, Maud's sister function."

"Wait, now I'm navigations too?" Sine said in confusion.

"Ah, you did say you'd have difficulty settling for only one position," QT reminded, from where she was flipping through the medical manual on hypersprays.

Logan cleared his throat. "I am certain that, very soon, we will be able to embark on an epic mathematical journey. Which will involve people SHUTTING UP while the Captain uses his diary." He turned. "People, if I want a chat log, I'll ask for it, okay?"


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