Sunday, 16 September 2012

S4.109 - Sci Factor

"You know," Lyn said, frowning, "Having seen the operating systems up close... 2k-tan's accessory reminds me of QT, 95-tan's attitude makes me think of Cubi, and Me-tan, her hair's a bit like--"

"Fine, yes, computer science is taken," Root cut in swiftly. "Which is a pity - it's getting more attention lately. It may even be the subject that lends itself best to individual online instruction."

"Not to mention you've got a binary system to work with there as well," Cosine pointed out. "Change of base is always interesting."

"It's dead, Cos," Nat diagnosed. "At least as far as having roles for us. But let's consider science. For instance, calculations are necessary to determine someone's vital capacity."

"True, and we don't have to stick with biology," Lyn pointed out. "Physics is full of vectors."

Secant nodded. "And chemistry involves balancing equations, there's math there."

"Oh! Chemistry! The periodic table!" Root said hopefully. "We can each take an element!" Seeing the expressions, he spun. "No! Stop it, this time your names just resemble the element symbols!!"

There's more variants out there!
"Sorry Root," Elly said apologetically. "Even then, there is a book personifying the table. Physical theories are also personified from time to time. Heck, biology even has giant microbe plush mascots."



  1. Interesting the idea that some subjects are better suited to individual online instruction. We'll have to talk about this in OK! Good lord, there's a cancer plush toy!?!?!?

    1. Fair enough - though it's kind of fascinating to reread some of this after more than a year... and wonder exactly what had been going through my head. I don't always remember. Wonder if 180 bloggers ever feel the same way.