Wednesday, 12 September 2012

S4.108 - Geo Graphy

"Okay, so countries have already been personified - doesn't mean we can't find a math niche in Geography," Elly remarked.

"There's latitude and longitude," Cosine pointed out, pragmatically. "And GPS."

"Time zones," Secant added. "Did you know India's time zone is one of many offset by a half hour?"

Nat crossed his arms. "Population numbers fit in here too. The rule of 70, for doubling time. Also birth rates, death rates... you know about Hans Rosling, yes? We shouldn't make averages."

"Nice graphs in that talk," Lyn agreed. "In fact, geography uses a lot of graphs and tables, that's a huge link, and a way to make predictions."

"Then there's climate," Elly added. "Measuring temperatures, precipitations, global warming... where numbers add up to 120%...."

"So math obviously fits with geography on the whole," Root agreed. "But I'm still thinking more on an individual basis... oh! Of course!"

"What?" Lyn asked.

Root grinned. "It's so obvious - we go computer science! We could each choose an operating system or version to represent! Think of it, a personification for... you're all giving me that look again."

(It's Also Been Done Before)



  1. Hans Riesling, does anyone else have the same combination first-rate of speaking skills, mathematical knowledge, tech genius, and profound, time-stopping, jaw-dropping ideas? "There is no such thing as western world and developing world." Btw doesn't seem to be up anymore, but you probably knew that.

    1. I've played that in my stats class - lots of stuff from averages to dynamic graphs. Actually, nope, I had no idea... I don't ever verify links beyond when I post them up. Too many. No current plan to modify the post either, feels a bit like rewriting history... though I guess I'd need to consider if if I ever wanted to post this whole thing as a story.